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Nutrition Challenge 1.0 Teams and Reminders.

January 08, 2013

Ann Marie, Erin, Brendan

Shelly, Victor, Fred

Christine, Betty, Jean

Sabra, Joe, Amy KB

Dave C., Robb S., Manny

Jeff, Ryan M., McGrail

Andy, Jon M., Sean

Jack, Faron, Nicole S.

Erik and Kris M., John Micheals

Jenny, Elvira, Melissa M.

Cori, Jackie, Amy S.

Bushy, Traci, Kelly

Tasha, Rachael, Christina S.

Rob and Carol, Sarah S.

Lights Out, JenBen, Jim R.


Record Your Workouts

Record Your Food

Weigh In

Record Your Points

Take Before Pictures

Working Out And Doing An MWOD Is Worth 1 Point Per Day-Up To 5 Per Week.

There Will Be Prizes For Our Winners In Individual and Team Categories. Stay Tuned.

Tuesday February 5th, Is Day 30! People in contention for the win will be asked to present their info listed above.
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  1. Amy Kbaum Reply

    These teams look great! I hope to put some faces to the names that I don’t know soon. Hope everyone finds success during this challenge!

  2. Jennifer Grace Reply

    This is probably a stupid question but for the food points it’s a scale of 0-3 per day and not per meal, right?

  3. Mark Lee Reply

    Jennifer Grace, Yes 3 points per day. If anyone has questions please ask, we are happy to help everyone be as successful as possible over these next 30 days!

  4. Bushy Reply

    Is it possible to be rewarded with a bonus point for finishing It Starts With Food? I need a little more incentive here. Im having flashbacks of sophomore year biology class – and not the good kind. Omega fatty PUFA inflamation enzymes!

  5. Mark Lee Reply

    Just take advantage of all your free time Bushy. Like when you aren’t working in your high power job, taking care of 4 kids, being a lacrosse superstar, running marathons, and secretly being fitter than rich froning at CrossFit Cape Cod.

  6. Bushy Reply

    touche mark – you always know how to put things into perspective for me.

  7. Mark Lee Reply

    8:41 row
    55 burpee box jumps.

    Good job Traci doing yesterdays WOD alone after the 9;30 class!


  8. Renee Deveau Reply

    Good luck everyone! I’m in on the next 30 days, can’t wait!

  9. brendan Reply

    Looking forward to the challenge…first black coffee ever today…not the same but do- able for now…Question: does anyone know where I can buy nitrate free sausage? I’ve found nitrate free bacon but no sausage…its a favorite to me and my 4 year old so please help!! Thanks!!

  10. brendan Reply

    If we have a perfect day for 3 points and then hit a WOD is it a 4 pt day? Or is 3 the Max? What is an MWOD?

  11. Anonymous Reply

    The MWOD is the mobility videos/workouts that Mark includes with the posts. Do one of those with the WOD and you have the point.

  12. Christina Stuart Reply

    Great teams! I was so afraid that I wouldn’t know my teammates but I do. Wish everyone success! Quick question, what exactly is this before picture suppose to be and who will see it?

  13. brendan Reply

    Thanks….I think I got it now…but if we already have a 3 and then do an MWOD is it a 4 or a 3? Sorry to be a pain, I’m just trying to see what I can get away with…also, I swallowed my gum by accident today, is that a deduction?

  14. Erin Meagher Reply

    Oh no! The gum debate again:)
    I thought you could get 3 points food- + 1 point for a wod and 1 mobility wod point, which would equal 5 total points possible per day?

  15. Mark Lee Reply

    Brendan you are disqualified for getting Erin upset about the gum subject.

    Erin -wod plus Mod equals 1 point.


  16. Mark Lee Reply

    We have another team! Marianna, Zach and Nathan!

  17. brendan Reply

    The gum was a joke…I’m off to a good start, and Im pretty sure that we are the team to beat.

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