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Nutrition Challenge 1.0 Continued

January 05, 2013

You will be paired with 1 or 2 people for support through the challenge. The most successful team will be eligible for prizes but the over all winner will be chosen for their individual results and will not be effected by their teams final results.

It Comes Down To The Ingredients

As far as almond milk, coconut milk, and other little extras if the ingredients contain sugar, fructose (0r anything that sounds like that) cane sugar, corn syrup etc. find a alternative that does not have sugar or the wrong ingredients. 

Extra Points

Up to 5 Points Per Week For WOD and Mobility. WOD+Mobility=1 Point.

Getting Started
Please take before and after pictures, weigh in and pay the participation fee by January 10th.

To Be Continued…

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  1. Jennifer Grace Reply

    Hi Mark, I was hoping to go stock up on paleo food for the week in anticipation of the challenge starting tomorrow morning….when will we be getting the list of foods you mentioned the other day? 🙂 thanks!!

  2. Mark Lee Reply

    Tonight I am posting several lists.

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