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Nutrition Challenge 1.0 50% Through It!

January 20, 2013
Half Way Through Our 30 Day Nutrition Challenge!

Hopefully everyone is still going strong, recording points in your journals, and leaning on team members for support. After a couple of weeks, several things happen. On the positive side, cravings are gone, you are in a rhythm of what to eat and when. The weigh loss should be kicking in and if it is not it’s time to tweak things like portions, or amounts of carbs. Hopefully at this point you are noticing your performance start to take off. On the other hand, the excitement you felt on the first few days has cooled off. Nobody follows through on these things with only enthusiasm. Turn to other challengers, and coaches for motivation. Try new recipies, and re-read the things that convinced you that this is what you really want. Let us know how you and your team are doing in the comments! Good luck over the next 2 weeks!

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  1. Anonymous Reply

    So I’m not craving bread cheese or pasta anymore. I’m going strong so far, been experimenting with recipes. I feel great and stronger. So motivated right now! I haven’t cheated so far, but I was so tempted when we went out for lunch with the family yesterday and everyone was eating Ice cream Sundaes! My husband challenged me even further…he said I can buy the sneakers I want only if I win! My family had been so supportive which helps so much! Sabra

  2. Mark Lee Reply

    Good to hear Sabra-Keep up the awesome work!

  3. Amy Sch Reply

    I keep reading it starts with food. Makes me want to work even harder. I minimize my exposure to bad food choices but I am traveling and it makes it harder. Half way that is good. I am tracking my points daily/weekly/ and challenge total. Helps me determine what and where my points are. Being sick was hard but this is the life I want and there is no going back. See you all soon!

  4. Jennifer Grace Reply

    Loving it so far!! I got the app “fast paleo” and it has some awesome recipes!! Looking forward to the second half 🙂

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