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No Classes, We Are At The 5K

October 31, 2009


Tomorrow is the Day of the race! There won’t be any classes at the facility. Let’s have a good time and represent our community well. If you haven’t picked up your shirt yet some of us are going to be at CrossFit at around 9:45 and then going to the site at the Market in New Seabury to set up our table. I will bring them in case you want to rock the snazzy new shirt and represent C3. I just want to also thank you all for making CrossFit Cape Cod such a fun and welcoming place-we have an awesome community going.

On another note try to avoid doing anything too different with your diet before the race so you don’t have any unexpected stomach issues. The gun is supposed to go off at 11:30a.m. Eat in the time frame that you function best with, probably not too close to race time. Try to hydrate early and well enough but not so well that you are running with your legs crossed. Most importantly let’s have a great time and enjoy it!

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  1. sarah lee Reply

    Congratulations Drew!

  2. Heather Reply

    Congrats, Drew!! That is so awesome!!

    See you all tomorrow… lookin forward to the race!! (Actually I’m not because I hate running, but I’m trying to talk myself into being excited!)


  3. Nicole Reply

    That’s awesome Drew! Hard work pays off once again at C3:) Yay!!!

  4. Greg B. Reply

    Way to go Drew!

  5. sarah lee Reply

    SO my frusterating moment for the day is this. Cool runnings posted that is took me over 34 min to run the race! AHHHHHHHHHH. That was me silently screaming. Did anyone see my time as I finished? I know it was a sub 26, but not sure of the exact time. Let me know if you happened to notice.

  6. Drew Reply

    I beat Sarah! I beat Sarah! hooray for me!!!!!! j/k 😉

  7. Ben Reply

    Hi Sarah, I did not notice your exact time, but I watched you finish and it was definitely way before 34:02. That is so weird–where did they get that time from?

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