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December 01, 2013
Do You ever cherry pick on workouts? Yes, or no, and tell us why its a good, or bad thing, in the comments!

CrossFit Cape Cod 

Workout Of The Day

Push Press
1 Rep Max

Followed By

AMRAP 20 Minutes

Run 200
10 Push Ups
10 Pull Ups

Finish With
3 Sets Of 15 Band Pull Aparts 
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  1. Erin Meagher Reply

    Only if I’m being a big wimp and its running and its too cold or rainy and its running (I do not like running in the cold… Or super hot for that matter) so yes- and it’s not good to do- you should just suck it up and deal with it and not be a wimp ( which I did on Saturday morning when I ran in the 21 degree cold weather) 🙂 I do get excited when my favorite things come up as well!

  2. Michelle Reply

    I try not to look because if I see DU’s I would rather avoid. hate em can’t do them. But I have missed a lot of WOD’s because home sick all week.

  3. KristinP Reply

    Nope, almost never! I probably have have once or twice and I know I’ve so wanted to a hundred times (see Erin’s post above) …BUT I know the wods I dread the most are usually the ones I need the most! When I feel like skipping out, I will instead give myself permission to scale if necessary. If showing up and finishing is my only objective, the big scary wod becomes way less scary!

  4. Mark Lee Reply

    Good job Erin:)

    Hope you feel better Michelle.

    Good advice Kristin!Smart approach.

  5. Terry obrien Reply

    A) 115# push press (10#PR)
    b) 7 rounds plus the run
    Thanks Mark for pushing me today.
    Fun WOD.

  6. HaleyDawn Reply

    65# push press
    7 rounds plus a 200m run
    great WOD this morning!
    Thank Mark for being on baby duty 🙂 henry seems to like you haha!

  7. HaleyDawn Reply

    and no… I really try not to cherry pick. I have the days of the week i come and I just do the WOD for that day. I do always check out what it is the night before so that I can mentallly prepare haha

  8. john michaels Reply

    I do have a Google Account…. HA….
    I look but i come anyway. Well, I did skip one Monday when I saw 100 burpees…

  9. Erin Meagher Reply

    115 push press
    6. Rounds plus 7 or. 8?? Push-ups- did push-ups on plates – was hard but helpful!

  10. jonathan miles Reply

    205 on the push press, 9 rounds even on part 2

  11. Paul S Reply

    120# PP (pr)
    6 rnds + 1 run

    I do not cherry pick wods. The only one so far I do not do is the one with the ascending ladder of 10 m runs due to tendon/joint problems on the turn-arounds. I row the 10 m intervals instead.

  12. Ann Reply

    I have rarely avoided a WOD, although I’ve spend some days dreading one. I did skip Murph one hot summer day and went to the beach instead. No regrets there. I’m with Kristin, in using the “I can scale” approach, if I’m terrified. So many times, I look back and say “that wasn’t so bad” and feel proud that I did it.

  13. OldNatickRookie Reply

    Because of my schedule at the station, it helps me “cherry pick” the WODs. Sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worst.

    165# Push Press 20# PR
    6 Rds even

  14. mason Reply

    110# push press. Pr for me.
    7 rnds +200+9 burpees which I subbed for the pushups.
    Great big class at 5:30. Great work Josh and Allan on the 10 rounds. Great wod!

    DId anyone find $10 bucks on the floor by the stereo. It fell out of my bag??? Thanks

    • Kevin Mikolazyk Reply

      I saw it in the little box on shelf with the little packs of balm

  15. Raider Rose Reply

    6+10 green/blue 115# on the press, 10# short of my goal. 🙁

    • Raider Rose Reply

      Oh and I ran all the rounds except one!

  16. Mark Lee Reply

    Good Job Leah!

  17. sarah lee Reply

    Great PRS everyone!

  18. Kevin Mikolazyk Reply

    165# PP…is a PR…8 rounds

  19. Rachel Dean Reply

    95# and 9 rounds

  20. Allan Fleck Reply

    185# 9+10+6. Almost ten round but Josh was the only one at 5:30 with that and He earned it. Thanks for the motivation/yelling at me Mason!

  21. Zach Reply

    A) 255# push press- 5# PR
    B) 7 + 1

    Mase- that $10 was under Jessie’s jacket- she put in that little basket on the shelf there.

    • sarah lee Reply

      By little basket he means Paige’s car seat…

    • Zach Reply

      I meant my wallet

  22. Kelly Cook Reply

    I would say I definitely don’t cherry pick WODs. I tend to end up working out when I was planning to take a rest day though because I don’t want to miss a certain WOD. I also use the “I can scale” approach. Today’s WOD: a)110#, which is a PR for me b) 6 rounds plus 10 plus 8 with blue and red bands.

  23. Christopher Judkins Reply

    165# push press and 9 rounds

  24. KristinP Reply

    105# and 6 rounds Rx d. Great job everyone!!! Welcome back Shelly, you rocked it:)

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