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Monday W1/W1

April 08, 2013
CrossFit Cape Cod Workout Of The Day
Press 1 Rep Max
Followed By
For Time:
30 Ring Dips
40 Chest Slap Push Ups
50 Burpees 
 15 Minute Cut Off
3 Sets Max Reps Tricep Press Downs
3 Sets 30 ‘Core Work’
Endurance Training
Each week there will be 2-3 endurance WODs for anyone who wants to train extra running, biking, swimming or rowing. They wont have assigned days but you can fit them into your week one at a time. The WODs will be posted as running workouts but if you want to convert them:
Swimming 25 m per 100
Rowing 125m per 100
Biking Usually 2 or 4 times the distance.
If you find that you are not sleeping, your appetite is off, you’re experiencing mood swings, and despite pushing as hard as you can you are getting medicore results…then you are overtraining. More is not better, and rest/recovery is the reason you get faster. So incorporating endurance is going to take some fine tuning to find how much is right for you. If You miss some just move on to the next week.  Skip when you need to and keep your training FUN! Feel free to train all different terrains, and routes to keep things interesting. Mix and match sports as you please. If you are retesting a benchmark try to use the same course and sport you originally used.
This Week Complete The Following Benchmark Endurance WODs    
Bench Mark 1 Run 4x400m. Go On The 3:00  Record The Total Time and Your Fastest 400m 
Benchmark 2 Sprint 8x100m Go on the 90sec. Record Fastest 100 and Total Time
Benchmark 3 Run 5k 
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  1. mason Reply

    Good words of advice Mark. Rest is important in order to see improvements. For the amount of work you put your body through it needs recovery time to regenerate. I know it’s hard to do sometimes but you and your body will be better for it. If you need the gym atmosphere, just come in and do mobility and stretching for about 30 minutes…two components that are necessary to keep the joints active and flexible.

  2. Ivy Reply

    80# press
    scaled: red band for ring dips, regular pushups
    I think I finished @ 10:20.

    First workout of the day really fatigued my arms=)

  3. sarah lee Reply

    Can someone remind me to yell at Ivy tomorrow about overtraining?:)

  4. Mark Lee Reply

    Well put Mase

  5. Raul Reply

    I will definitely be doing the benchmark endurance WODs this week as I’m currently training for the Johnny Kelley half marathon this upcoming May 26th. This will be my first half marathon (or competitive race) ever, so these WODs will be a good way to measure my progress before and after the race. Mark, what course do you suggest for the 100 m sprint? The first thing that came to mind is doing the first half of the 200 m run… but it’s not exactly linear. Thanks!

    • Mark Lee Reply

      A track would be the easiest scenario. If that is not available then the sled push to Zoe’s is 100m along the yellow line in our parking lot.

  6. Faron Reply

    A.) 95# B.) 10:20 purple band ring dips, reg pushups.
    Fun class today, the 8:30 is getting larger!

  7. sarah lee Reply

    11:40- purple band dips.

  8. Sarah Sprague Reply

    60# press; 9:57 red band, hand release pushups.

  9. Paul S Reply

    100# press, 13:40 (red band, hrpu)

    Almost got 105 on the press, but it wouldn’t go the last bit. Very tough WOD on the shoulders.

  10. Jennifer Benedetti Reply

    press 80# no pr!
    11:50 red band, those push ups were so funny!!

  11. Elizabeth Miles Reply

    #75 press- bands/reg push-ups 11:38

  12. Renee Deveau Reply

    Great wod! Pr’d on press at 90#
    10:37 rx great job everyone!

  13. mason Reply

    1:13, 1:19, 1:25, 1:22
    50 burpees
    Nice job Rene on press

  14. amanda mclaughlin Reply

    It’s been awhile:( Felt so good to get in a WOD at c3… even if my arms do want to fall off:)

  15. Nettie Reply

    70# press. Blue band ring dips, pushups off a box – 11:35

  16. Jen Heinlein Reply

    65# press, scaled – box dips, hand release pushups – 15:30ish. Fun 9:30 class!

  17. AB Reply

    A) 115# press. (Pressed 125# but form was so bad it was miles from legit…)

    B) Rx WOD – 9:39

    — Adam

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