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Monday, June 18th

June 17, 2012
Another Gem From Dan Cutrona Photography-Sarah, Post Sled WOD

CrossFit Cape Cod Workout Of The Day

Max Push Jerk


3 Rounds For Time:
7 Handstand Push Ups
9 Russian Kettlebell Swings 2/1.5
11, 180 Degree Burpees




3x 800m Rest 2:00 (Tues)


Swim (MON): 6 x 75m on 2:00
Bike (WED): 4 x 1M TT, work:rest 1:2
Run (TUE): 3 x 800m, rest 2:00


Week 1-Tuesday 6/19-Monday 6/25

Cold Turkey-No Wheat, Dairy, Sugar, or Booze. 
Each Day that you are successful you earn 2 points. 
1 Point for 99% 
0 Points for less than 99%

Meat, Veggies, Some Fruit and Good Fats are all on the menu. There is a list on the bulletin board. You can take your post WOD drink as usual.

Post your Points to the Comments each Day for the rest of the week. (Tuesday-Monday) 

As a benchmark we will use your scores from the hope WOD. Everyone should have participated. If you didn’t You will have to wait til this Saturday, Not this week during classes-No Exceptions.

The winner gets 150$ 

Each Participant Needs to:
Pay 15$
Keep a food journal.
Post Points To The Comments on The Blog.
Feel Free to take a few before Pictures.
Weigh In.

Again, we start Tuesday. By Next Monday there will be an announcement about the standards for week 2. 

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  1. Bushy Reply

    – What is 1%?

    – Sign me up for HOPE WOD on Saturday morning.

  2. Annmarie Reply

    Where do we stand on almond butter, almond meal, and coconut milk? I mostly use the almond butter on top of apples or bananas for a snack and the other 2 for cooking. Thanks!

  3. Mark Lee Reply

    As long as they are sugar free-use in moderation.

  4. Amanda Reply

    Great pic Sarah!!:)
    Bushy I’ll be there on Sat. am to push you through the HOPE WOD… it’s tough but fun!!!

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