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Monday Adjusted Schedule 6am 8am & 9am

November 10, 2012
CrossFit Cape Cod Workout Of The Day


1 mile Run
100 Pull Ups
200 Push Ups
300 Squats
1 Mile Run

Partition the pull ups push ups and squats any way you like.

Scaling Options Will Be 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 or Work With A Partner

Again, The Schedule Will Be 6am, 8am, & 9am on Monday

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  1. Anonymous Reply

    God bless you Mark and all my fellow veterans! My favorite WOD of all! Can’t wait! Kurt M

  2. Mark Lee Reply

    You are going to smash your previous time Kurt!!!

  3. sarah lee Reply

    Congrats laura on your first Pullup!!!

  4. Anonymous Reply

    So excited to tackle this WOD!!!

  5. Michael Reply

    Is there a time limit?

  6. Anonymous Reply

    So just to clarify, there are no afternoon classes, right? Or is this just an adjustment to the AM schedule?

    • Mark Lee Reply

      No afternoon classes.

  7. jonathan miles Reply

    I’m going at the 6 to get this dude over with

  8. Amy Sch Reply

    Murph! Wow! This is exciting!

  9. Anonymous Reply

    No afternoon/evening classes???


  10. Amy Sch Reply

    56:25, 5 minute pr. red/blue on pulls! Have a great day! Everyone crushed it at the 6!

  11. Amy Kbaum Reply

    Great job 6AM class! 40:24 RX, beat my 45:10 from last time!

  12. Sarah Sprague Reply

    55:11 blue band. Great job Amy! Both of you:) Thanks Erin keeping me moving.

  13. Anonymous Reply

    Thank you to any veteran / AD servicemember! Mark – great choice with WOD honoring Murph (named for LT Michael Murphy (SEAL) USN. USN official website describes why LT Murphy won the MOH. http://www.navy.mil/moh/mpmurphy/
    Rx, 38:31 (PR). 5-10-15 reps, x 20 rounds. Thanks to Sarah for motivation and keeping me honest on push-ups. Awesome way to start a Crossfit week. — Adam.

  14. Anonymous Reply

    Kurt M
    You know the old saying be careful what you wish for you just might get it! I got the pleasure of 47:59 of Murph! Much tougher than I remembered. Push-ups and air squats slowed me way down. Very disappointed in my conditioning!!!!!!!

  15. Andy M. Reply

    48:30 Rx. Push ups definitely slowed me way down. But the fact I did it Rx is a great accomplishment in my eyes. Great to see everyone at the 6 am class with great motivation.

  16. Anonymous Reply

    69:54 green and purple band pull ups, push ups off of tall box. Those push ups killed me!- Sabra

  17. Erin Meagher Reply

    55:10- through in a few hand release pushups! Great running that last mile with you Sarah! 4 minute PR- every time I wanted to quit I would look over at Amy KB:) nice job Amy!
    The first time I did Murph- it took me 1 hour and 40 minutes! I did knee pushups and a blue band for pullups and ended it with a throw up in a bush:)

  18. Mark Lee Reply

    44:04 That was so much fun! Lots of energy in the classes!

  19. Anonymous Reply

    Dave S- awesome 6am class with some cross- fit animals! 36:58 but used a blue band for strict pull- ups, forearm is still jacked up.5-10-15 for 20 rounds. Can’t wait to do this one again when I have kipping pull- ups and go for it rx’d. MPL you are a warrior! Nice fight to the finish!

  20. mason Reply

    Wow Amy K that is awesome! 60:48 subbed pushups with 100 burpees 100 kb swings. Great job everyone. All I kept saying to myself on that last run was they run with 40-50lb packs and all their gear…I can do this. I guess I did the burpee challenge in a day.

  21. erica Reply

    Scaled the pull ups, push ups and squats by doing a quarter of Rx. Used a blue and red band. I know my runs were more than a mile. I decided to just run to the pull up bar I use instead of taking a bike and then figuring out a mile from there. My total time was 46 minutes. It felt good to do 50 push ups considering earlier this year I could barely do three in a row! Great job everyone!

  22. Michael Reply

    59:02 for Murph RX the last of the pushups were a killa. plus 58 burpees done. i love this shit

  23. Anonymous Reply

    58 burpees done!
    Kurt M

  24. Anonymous Reply

    Chris J

    Just finished my modified “Murph” 51:21, did bent-over rows cause I don’t have a pullup bar and inspired by Mason’s comment I did my two mile runs with my 20# weight vest. Thank You Veterans!!!

    Addendum to SMART goals:

    #5)Go to bed BEFORE 10pm!

  25. Jennifer Benedetti Reply

    First of all Thank You Veterans, I enjoy my freedom everyday because of your sacrifices!
    66:20 RX! Back in Jan I did it in 56min with a red band and hand release push ups! I know my time was long but boy it felt great to RX Murph!!
    Thank you to the C3 community for pushing me to finish! Sarah, couldn’t of done it without you!!! Erin you made my day by showing up and cheering us on!!

  26. Anonymous Reply

    And, 58 burpees done (although not without two breaks…). — Adam

  27. brendan g Reply

    Murph rx 44:56….used a 10 20 30 split and it was tough a few rounds in….I’ll try to beat this next time with maybe a 5 10 15 strategy…overall I’m happy with myself that I did it!!!!

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