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September 17, 2012
Super Dave

CrossFit Cape Cod Workout Of The Day

1.Front Squat
Work To A 10 Rep Max

2.Sumo Deadlift
Work To A 5 Rep Max

3.Run 200m On The Minute For 10 Minutes-Record Fastest and Slowest Times.

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  1. sarah lee Reply

    I love the shock sprinting after squatting AND deadlifting. WHAT happened to my legs?!?!

  2. Amy Sch Reply

    Nice Dave!

  3. Amy Sch Reply

    I have been keeping up with the burpees, day 8, 9 and 10 done.

  4. Michael Reply

    135 front squat 205 sumo dead lift Runs 33 sec fastest 48 was my slowest. Great workout this morning, ill see you all again on thursday or Friday.

  5. Mark Lee Reply

    Was Sept 6th the official Start date to the Burpee challenge? I believe we are on day 11!

  6. mcgrail Reply

    6th was the burpee start… Today – Monday is day 12!

  7. Andy M. Reply

    165# front squat. 275# sumo dead lift. 31 seconds fastest – 56 seconds slowest.

    Those sprints were tough after that lifting! I like the WOD’s that have the running involved.

  8. Mark Lee Reply

    Good speed Andy!
    Did day 11 and 12 burpee challenge-next week Sunday will be a burpee free day in the challenge!
    10rm Front squat 205
    Sumo Deadlift 365
    Run- didn’t get my fastest, slowest was :50 That was tough!

  9. David Churbuck Reply

    Front squat 145 (lopsided, I didn’t notice the extra 10 lb. plate on my left side and wondered what was wrong with me) and 3x 295 on the sumo

    rowed 250 meter pieces. Fastest was 42 seconds, slowest 1:02

  10. mcgrail Reply

    Got to work out with Mark…Thanks for the push!

    1.Front Squat: 225# x 10

    2.Sumo Deadlift 365# x 6

    3.Run 200m OTM
    :44 fastest
    :57 slowest

    Day 12 Burpees done!
    LPC Day 1 – on track!

  11. Jennifer Benedetti Reply

    1. Front Squat:95#x10,100#x10,110#x10
    2.Sumo Deadlift:155# 3×6
    3.Run 200m OTMx10(this was tough)

  12. Anonymous Reply

    Front squat 185 lbs for 10
    SDL 315 lbs for 5
    39 fastest 44 slowest
    Burpees challenge day 11 completed
    Kurt M

  13. SarahSprague Reply

    65# for 5 front squats, 145# for 5 sumo’s. Love deadlifting! Really tanked on the sprints though. Did 7 laps, fastest was 44, have no idea the slowest.

  14. Nettie Reply

    65# front squat, 135#sumo, 7rds of the run – 51/61 I think. That was harder than I thought it would be! Burpees done

  15. Anonymous Reply

    I think it depends if you counted Sunday as a burpee challenge day! I thought we were on day 11. Kurt M

  16. jonathan miles Reply

    185 for 9 on the front squat. 345 on the sumos. Run: 36/51. Thanks, as usual, to Kurt and doc for the big push

  17. Mark Lee Reply

    1 on the 6th
    2 on the 7th
    3 on the 8th
    4 on the 9th
    5 on the 10th
    6 on the 11th
    7 on the 12th
    8 on the 13th
    9 on the 14th
    10 on the 15th
    11 on the 16th
    12 on the 17th

    First rest day from the challenge will be the 30th

  18. Anonymous Reply

    Not so impressed with myself today. Wish I was stronger but I think my form is getting better. Thank you rob and Ann for such great advice and support. Mark, encouraging as ever. So glad I joined! 45 squat, 110 deadlift. Had to scale the run due to my ankles. 🙁

  19. Mark Lee Reply

    You rocked Nina!-Remember its about how good the workout is for YOU! That 45lbs was just right today. You will be cracking 100 in no time!
    Also shows a lot of smarts to scale the run the way you did!

  20. Erin Meagher Reply

    110- front squat
    135- Deadlift- finally wasn’t nervous to Deadlift today after hurting my back!!
    Run- no idea:) so so tough for me! Shortened the distance so I could keep sprinting!!

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