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October 01, 2012

It’s about time.

CrossFit Cape Cod Workout Of The Day

Back Squat 5 Rep Max

Followed By
5 Rounds For Time
12 Deadlifts
9 Hang Power Cleans
6 Push Jerks

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  1. Mark Lee Reply

    Burpee Challenge Day 23? Right?

  2. Anonymous Reply

    I have it as burpee day 24! Anyone else with me on this? The Blog Loser.

  3. sarah lee Reply

    14 People at the 6:30 class this morning crushed D.T!

    Great Job Erin doing that RX’d!!! STRONG LADY

  4. Amy Sch Reply

    I was wondering what day. Sundays are now rest days right? I will do 24 anyways. 🙂

  5. Michael Reply

    165 for the squats. 115 for the workout time was 14:25. Glad i went with the 115. Sarah did no rep me for not bringing my feet back together on the push jerk. Ill get better!!!

  6. Mark Lee Reply

    Sunday’s are a rest day from the challenge. It is very likely that 1 other day per week will start to be a rest day from the Burpees before they turn into another WOD. Goal is to get better at Burpees!
    Live and learn Micheal:) Sarah is a tough and fair coach!
    A little info to use as you scale: DT was the first WOD at ‘The Beast Of The East’ 2 years ago and the cut off was 12:00. The top times were a blazing sub 6-7:00.

  7. Michael Reply

    I wouldn’t have it any other way. Bring on the No- rep. also 630 something on the mile run this morning. Looking for a 5.

  8. sarah lee Reply

    Back squat x5- 155 pounds. (15 or 20 pound pr)
    X1- 170 pounds (5 pound pr)

    DT- 9:59- 85 pounds

    Mike view it as a compliment to be no reped.

  9. Erin Meagher Reply

    Thanks Sarah!
    DT- 14:31- RX – I guess I would NOT have made the cutoff time!!!

  10. Mark Lee Reply

    295×5 and 8:28 on DT. First time I did DT I used 135 and got around that time. Last time I used 155 and was in the 11’s so I am pleased with that Pr! Next stop sub 6!

    Erin don’t feel bad-less than 50% of the competitors finished before the cutoff and were scored by number of completed reps.

  11. David Churbuck Reply

    255×5 on the squats. Tried the first round of DT Rx at 155 but that went out the window with the first clean and I made it the rest of the way at 135. I have no idea of my time, somewhere around 12:30 I think.

  12. Andy M. Reply

    Back squat – 205# x5 PR
    DT – 11:53 at 125#

  13. SarahSprague Reply

    95# x 5, 105 x 1. 9:27 on DT, used 65# and pushups instead of push jerks. Stupid shoulder. Sarah, that’s a super awesome PR! Erin and Kristen, you guys are the dynamic duo-such strong ladies!

  14. Jennifer Benedetti Reply

    back squat:155x5reps,170×1 five times (PR) 🙂
    DT: 11:55 85#

    Awesome job everyone!! Great #’s&times on the board!!
    Erin-RX WOW!!! So strong!!!
    Mark-Wicked good job on that multiple PR’s!!
    Sarah-WOOHOO on those back squats today & PR’s!!
    Mike M-Old 1 rep max x5! You rock!!
    and of course my Big Guy (a.k.a lights out)-didn’t quite make the cut off but worked hard and did great! Proud of you!! Just keeping fighting that TLS;)

  15. Anonymous Reply

    Kurt M
    Completed 1 round at 155lbs and had to scale to 135 the rest of the way! Disappointed to say the least.
    3 sets of 225 lbs back squat 5 reps!
    24 burpees done!

  16. sarah lee Reply

    You too Jen!

  17. mcgrail Reply

    Heavy Back Squat 4.5 @ 315

    Back Squat @ 110 of rrm 335 5 x 1

    DT 14:31 Rx’d
    a 6:12 minute PR!

  18. Anonymous Reply

    Squat @ 345 x5
    DT- Rx @ 11:21- those cleans got real heavy real quick


  19. Nettie Reply

    75# for the back squats. DT – 7:25 with 55#. Will go heavier next time. Burpees done

  20. Amy Kbaum Reply

    1.5RM – 165
    2. DT – 12:47 @ 95#

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