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November 25, 2012

CrossFit Cape Cod Workout Of The Day

5-5-5 Front Squat

Three rounds for time of:
10 reps Squat Clean 135/95
20 Box jump, 24/20″ box

Arm yourself with knowledge before this years Nutrition Challenge

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  1. jonathan miles Reply

    175 on the front squats, 8:44 on the squat-clean box jump wod

  2. Mark Lee Reply

    7:10-that one was no joke!

  3. mcgrail Reply

    205-245-245 FS
    7:10 on Squat Clean / Box Jumps

    and I agree with Mark…that was no joke! Agree with Mark again…Everyone should read

  4. Anonymous Reply

    Chris J

    Worked up to 185×5 on the front squats

    9:22 That WOD was intense! Used 125# which turned out to be a perfect weight, really wanted to work on receiving the bar correctly. Mark we should definitely do those more often, those squat cleans really get in there and fire up every part of the legs. Awesome!

  5. sarah lee Reply

    Ugh this is embarrassing to post.

    14:05 rx. Every rep felt like a 1 rep max. Thanks Mason for getting me through it!

  6. Sarah Sprague Reply

    75×5, 80×10. 11:03 65# for 25 reps then 55# for the last five. Legs feel like jello.

  7. Amy Kbaum Reply

    135 on the FS and 6:42 RX

  8. mason Reply

    Sarah you did awesome. Great job on rx’ing it. Amy K crushing it. Good job everyone!
    I substituted 95# deadlift and 24″ box 5:05. Probably should have gone higher on DL but my legs felt the burn.

  9. Amy Sch Reply

    I worked up to 115 on the front squat. It felt good and I wanted more but I am still trying to ease back in on the lifting. So I am happy with that. I did 45 on the wod and a 20 box. 9:01 was my time. All felt good!

  10. David Churbuck Reply

    205×5, then 215 for one set of 5 on the front squats. Only managed two on the last set.

    part b: I forget. Definitely under 10 minutes, like 8:50 or something. Smoked me.

    Then to add insult to injury, I did intervals on the erg. 500 meters with 2 minute rest, eight rounds. I kept them all under 1:50 — averaging 1:44.

    Thanks Mark for the book recommendation. I ordered a copy on Amazon. I’ve done the Whole30 challenge in the past, good stuff. But need some paleo assistance so I can learn, to quote Mister Lee, to eat like a “man.”

  11. Anonymous Reply

    Adam said…
    Part 1) 185# x 5. 195# x 1.
    Part 2) Used 115# for squat-clean as 135# felt like too much for good technique. 8:49 time.
    70 burpees for challenge/warmup prior to WOD.

    My (unsolicited) two cents on food – I completely agree that basic fitness starts with good diet, but “good diet” means different things, and by no means indicates that paleo is the only way to do it.

    Great workout selections lately Mark/Sarah — excellent mix!
    – Adam

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