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November 10, 2013
CrossFit Cape Cod

Workout Of The Day

5 Rep Max Weighted Ring Push Up
Immediately Followed By Max Reps Unweighted

Followed By

AMRAP 10 Minutes

10 Knees To Elbows
10 Burpees 
10 Wall Balls 20/14

There will be daycare Monday at 9:30 this week only.

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  1. Raider Rose Reply

    regular hours tomorrow other than daycare?

  2. Mark Lee Reply

    Yes, regular hours, we added the daycare at 9:30. There will be regular daycare at 5:30 also.

  3. Raider Rose Reply

    okely dokely

  4. OldNatickRookie Reply

    The thrill of victory and the agony of the face. Not my best picture.

  5. Erin Meagher Reply

    Tried some weighted ring push-ups! Was fun.
    3 rounds plus K2E, burps, 8 wall balls rx

  6. Nettie Reply

    3 rds plus 21 – I’d like to say rx but some of my K2E weren’t legit. My ring push-ups weren’t weighted but I wasn’t sure I could do them at all so I was happy 🙂

  7. Paul S Reply

    5 Ring PU @ 15# For some reason I found the ring push ups easier than normal off the floor.

    4 Rnds

  8. Raider Rose Reply

    Couldn’t do ring push ups so I did a few with the red bar and dumbbell. 3+20 10# ball, afterwards I did single arm kettlebell rows with 25#, then 35#, then 53#, then I rowed 5000 meters but it took me 20 minutes.

  9. Sarah Sprague Reply

    10 ring pushups, however they were not parallel to the ground…3 plus 23, 10# ball cause I’m just so stinking short…excuses, excuses.

  10. Kelly Cook Reply

    4 rounds plus 12. Used 14# ball, but my knees to elbows aren’t quite Rx yet. Did unweighted attempts at ring push ups, but could only do them at an angle.

  11. Andy Mathieson Reply

    Worked up to 55# weighted ring push ups then maxed out at 18.

    4 + 14 for the WOD Rx.

  12. Kevin Mikolazyk Reply

    70# ring push up…17 rep max…4 rounds plus 2

  13. KristinP Reply

    Was happy to just do ring push ups. 3 rounds RX’d 🙂

  14. mason Reply

    4 + 21 10# ball.
    Worked on handstand pushups

  15. tracibushy Reply

    #6 weighted pushups, then 11 on the floor….pushups are hard

    5 rounds, great job to everyone this morning!!

  16. sarah lee Reply

    4 rounds RX.

  17. JoJo Mikolazyk Reply

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