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February 25, 2013
CrossFit Cape Cod Workout Of The Day

‘Les Mis’

For time:
20 Wall ball shots, 20/14

20 Sit-ups

20 Box jump, 24/20

20 Hand Release Push-ups

135/95 Power Clean, 20 reps

20 Thrusters, 35/25 Kettle Bells

20 Chest To BarPull-ups

95/65 pound Overhead squat, 20 reps

20 Kettlebell swings, 1.5/1

95 pound Push press, 20 reps

20 Ring Dips

95/65 Sumo deadlift high pull, 20 reps

20 Burpees

135/95 pound Back squat, 20 reps

20 Toes To Bar

20 Walking lunge steps

135/95 pound Deadlift, 20 reps

20 Knees to elbows

135 pound Front squat, 20 reps

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  1. OldNatickRookie Reply


  2. Anonymous Reply


  3. Renee Deveau Reply

    I wish I could be there today:(

  4. Ivy Reply

    holy crap! =D

  5. mason Reply

    Did April Fools Day come early???

  6. brendan Reply

    Pack a lunch

  7. Anonymous Reply

    Chris J

    …and dinner, cause I’m probably gonna lose your lunch.

  8. Anonymous Reply

    my lunch rather, cut me some slack it’s still early lol

  9. Amy Sch Reply

    Ah, ha ha! Holy Balls. See you at 6:30. 🙂

  10. Ivy Reply

    I am satisfied.

  11. Erin Meagher Reply

    Oh man! Can’t get in today. Oddly enough, I’m bummed to miss it!

  12. Derek Vecchione Reply

    Bummer….I can’t come today. Looks sick!

  13. Anonymous Reply

    Is this a joke?

  14. Anonymous Reply

    Kurt M
    Tough one! Struggled with overhead squats!
    34:50 Rx’d

  15. Anonymous Reply

    First workout back after my week long vacation, I am scared, can’t eat lunch ha ha – Christine mone

  16. Ann Reply

    Will be missing it. I’ll try to do a modified one once I get to CA.

  17. Mark Lee Reply

    Almost threw up on the last set of 20 front squats. Forget the exact time 26 something. That was a tough one!

  18. Raul Reply

    I’m starting to get mentally prepared for this WOD… holy !@#$! #bringiton

  19. Anonymous Reply

    26 something is a great score even by super hero standards!!!!! Great job, Kurt M

  20. Amy Kbaum Reply

    This one was crazy! Did it in 26:54Rx

    Mark, you beat me by 2 secs at 26:52! Awesome!

    Everyone at the new 8:30 class and at 9:30 did a great job getting through this one. So impressed by everyone!

  21. David Churbuck Reply

    Wow. That was actually kind of fun in a gonna-vom kind of way. I needed a shopping list just to keep track of what was next. Add in some running and that was basically a Crossfit Greatest Hits in 30 minutes.

    I scaled like crazy but finished under a half-hour.

  22. Jennifer Benedetti Reply

    Awesome Wod!! Everyone did so great at the 930!! Wicked Impressed!
    Shoulders super fried from yesterday but loved this wod none the less:45something-scaled

  23. Anonymous Reply

    Didn’t get to finish:( I had a 10:30 appointment and ran out of time. I still had a great workout but missed the last few things.


  24. Sarah Sprague Reply

    31:14 totally scaled everything but really liked doing so many different movements in a wod. Good way to get the stress out as well. Totally should to this one again soon.

  25. Anonymous Reply

    This was awful, and yet awesome at the same time. Great WOD Mark with total body variety, and you crushed this thing.

    RX 27:20.

    Those overhead squats were destroyers. After my stellar initial set of ONE, I was able to chop it up into sets of three and five. Dom did two exercises while I finished my OHS set…

    — Adam

  26. Anonymous Reply

    Forgot to add – I definitely think those isolated skills workout days have helped – I’ve been targeting muscle-ups, overhead squats and handstand pushups. I would not have been able to even remotely finish this WOD in a reasonable time, due to the overhead squats alone, without that extra devoted time to work on OHS.

    Great variety and focus in designing the WODs Mark.

    — Adam

  27. Anonymous Reply

    39:45 Rx- Mark you were close, almost got me to use the chalk bucket for something else. Ring dips were toughest part…and endurance.


  28. Bushy Reply

    Zach- thanks for not quitting me during the WOD today.

  29. Anonymous Reply

    Thanks to Mark and the 3:30 class- lots of support and encouragement. I never could have done those last 8 front squats without your help! Great to workout with such great, caring people!


  30. mason Reply

    38:27 had to swap out some movements due to shoulder- thruster kb did kb swings twice
    Push press did 135# deadlift
    24″ box jumps twice replaced sumodlhp
    This wod was intense and you all should be proud of yourselves for completing it. In my opinion this is worse than Murph…

  31. mason Reply

    Oh and Jenny thanks for that bacon chocolate muffin… Hit the spot after that wod- delish!

  32. Paul Reply

    34:24 heavily weight scaled

    Glad to just finish. Still feel very slow after the 3 week absence.

  33. Anonymous Reply

    Mark amy and Adam are not human. I have never wanted to throw-up more in my life and I purposely didn’t eat anything all day

    Overhead squats felt better then normal but the chest 2 bar pull-up was sloppy and burpees were killing me. Front squat def takes the cake with the toughest part tho.

  34. Anonymous Reply

    33:59, bat man just called he wants me to fly with him, I’m in!! Wooohoo. – cm

  35. OldNatickRookie Reply

    I think I used every muscle today and I feel awesome.

  36. Nettie Reply

    Scaled a bunch and finished in 41. Great workout!

  37. Amy Sch Reply

    This was so great! I scaled some, Rx’d some and had a great time! 33:55 Great Crew!

    Thanks Mark! For being great in general, a great coach and camera man!!

  38. Anonymous Reply

    Bushy- I can’t quit you

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