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March 18, 2013
CrossFit Cape Cod Workout Of The Day

3 Rounds For Time
400 m Run
12 Burpees
12 Box Jumps 24/20

 12 Pull-ups

Followed By 

2 Max Sets Strict 
Shoulder Press 70% 1 Rep Max
Pull Ups 

 Rest 3:00 Between Sets
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  1. Christina Stuart Reply

    Ok….I am publicly bailing out of this round of the nutrition challenge. My reason is just because I haven’t put my all into it this time around and I don’t like to half a** things. Maybe next time! Good luck to the rest of you!

  2. mason Reply

    Thanks Mark! today was tough for me. I was warming up for 13.2 and my shoulder couldn’t take the weight. Quitting is not in my vocabulary. After shedding a few tears over the disappointment of having to drop out, I realized that this is just a wod. My health and being able to continue doing crossfit is more important than wrecking my shoulder and being out for a few months or even worse, surgery. It is important to keep everything in perspective. I want life long health and be able to be in the gym when I am 60 + years old. I didn’t quit, I just played smart!
    Thanks Mark, Jen and Jon for helping me see that.
    Christine: 13:32 145# dl 24″ box.

  3. Erik Mattson Reply

    1 pt

  4. Bushy Reply

    st. paddy’s day weekend – tough for nutrition challenge.

    fri – 1
    sat – 1
    sun – 1

    mason- you’re a true champ. hang in there. i’m sure you’ll still be in the gym when you’re 60+. that’s assuming there are still gyms in 2043. this reminds me of a mark lee blog rant about the jetsons… “i want my hover car!”

  5. Annmarie Reply

    Great job Mason! Sometimes it’s hard to put our ego/pride aside and do what’s right.
    1 point for Sunday.

  6. Mark Lee Reply

    I respect Christine’s and Masons comments. Bushy I think about that almost every day, I kid you not.
    Looking forward to the Kate WOD – I posted the vid 2 days in a row- check it out!

  7. Ivy Reply

    Great video! see you guys at 8:30 today!

  8. Erik Mattson Reply

    1731 using green band
    185 19 reps / no pullups 🙂

  9. sarah lee Reply

    15:58 RX.

    We had really fun full classes all morning! Keep up the great work everyone!

  10. Annmarie Reply

    16:43, rowed instead of ran since my knee has been acting up. 65# 8×2 pullups 12 x2 w/bands.
    Fun WOD this morning! Thanks Sarah and Mark!

  11. Annmarie Reply

    Thanks Mark, I have used half a box of tissues – yes, I am a huge crier lol

  12. Mark Lee Reply

    That video is a tear jerker but so good.
    13 something then 115 x 10 & 13 Strict Pull Ups. 115 x 11 & 10 Strict Pull Ups. Thanks for the motivation Dave S!

  13. Erin Meagher Reply

    Loved the video. 16:38? I think- rowed instead of ran- was finally able to do box jumps today for the first time in ages because of my annoying ankle!
    #65 for press, chose to forget amount if pullups!

  14. Andy Mathieson Reply

    A. 13:13 Rx
    B. 95# strict press x10 and 8 strict pull-ups, strict press x8 and 7 strict pull-ups

  15. Jack Reply

    Fun 9:30 group as usual. Really gonna miss y’all. Thanks Sabra & Kristen(I hope thats how you spell it) for pushing me through the 100……. Be back April 3rd.

  16. Ann Massi Reply

    2 points thursday
    2 points friday
    1 point saturday
    1 point sunday

  17. Mark Lee Reply

    Have fun Jack!!! See you in April.

  18. Kelly Cook Reply

    21:20 using green and blue band, 20″ box. Did 11×50# strict press, 8xpull up w/ green and blue band again. 1 point for challenge today.

  19. Jennifer Benedetti Reply

    Great 330 class!! You ladies did great!!
    65#x12 w/7blue band & 65#x10 w/5blue band

  20. Sarah Sprague Reply

    14:37 purple band. 45# x 5 and some attempts at strict with red band. We envy you Jack!

  21. Faron Reply

    16:11 500m row and step ups vice run & jumps.
    2 pts today.

  22. mason Reply

    13:23 rx with 24″ box
    Worked on balance for handstand walks and did 9 strict pull-ups.
    Dominique, great to see you today…glad to have you back!

  23. mason Reply

    Eric, nice job on the wod at 9:23. You crushed that, great speed and never let up.

  24. Christopher Judkins Reply

    Part A) 11:21rx

    Part B) Round one 15 reps press @95lbs and 9 strict pu’s, round two 13 reps press and 9 pu’s. Felt really good today. Mason, thanks for the car, and stop spelling Dom’s name like a girl. 😉

    • mason Reply

      Hahaaa sorry Dom! Ill just keep it to three letters.

  25. Erik Mattson Reply

    2 PTs:)

  26. Bushy Reply

    Mon – 2 points
    Mark – please subtract 1 point from my previous score report.

  27. Jennifer Grace Reply

    Gerald and I both had 2 points for today
    A) 20:39 using blue/purple bands
    B) 45#x10 and only 4 strict pull ups using the same as part A

  28. Amy Kbaum Reply

    11:41 rx w/ 24″ box
    55# press 9 press/15 pull up and 7 press/10 pull up
    Great 9:30 class!

  29. Amy Sch Reply

    17:06, 45 x 15,16. Almost, amost have a strict pull up without bands. Sooo close!

  30. Jenn s Reply

    1.5 points for monday

  31. AB Reply

    A) Rx WOD 9:54

    17 reps x 95# strict shldr press
    42 reps for strict pullups

    — Adam

  32. Ann Massi Reply

    2 pts monday
    2 pts tuesday
    1 pt wednesday

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