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March 31, 2013
CrossFit Cape Cod Workout Of The Day
Nutrition Challenge 2.0 Benchmark WOD

As Many Rounds Possible In 15 Minutes

1 Deadlift

1 Round Of Cindy

2 Deadlifts

1 Round Of Cindy

3 Deadlifts 

1 Round Of Cindy

Add One Deadlift Each Round For The 15 Minutes. 1 Round Of Cindy Is 5 Pull Ups, 10 Push Ups, 15 Squats: This Variation Will Be Chest To Bar Pull Ups, Hand Release Push Ups and Normal Air Squats. The Deadlift Weight Is 225/155. If You Deadlift Less Than 315/200 Then Scale The Weight Down To 185/135 Or Less.
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  1. Jennifer Grace Reply

    I am so ready to crush my previous score!! 🙂

  2. mason Reply

    March 11th was the day of the wod. Get after it everyone!

  3. Mark Lee Reply

    If you are retesting this for the challenge use the same weight and modifications you may have used the last time we did this.

  4. Renee Deveau Reply

    Ill have to do this Tuesday, can’t make it in today

  5. Erik Mattson Reply

    .5 for Saturday
    0 for Sunday…… Darn you Easter bunny!

  6. sarah lee Reply

    8 rounds RX. Fun chasing everyone at the 9:30 class!

  7. Jennifer Benedetti Reply

    6+5+10 Rx, last time I scaled with Red band!!
    Thanks Tracy and Amy K for the trail run!! So much fun!!

  8. mason Reply

    I wish I could trail run during the day:)If you do them on the weekend let me know. I’m in.

  9. David Churbuck Reply

    8 rounds plus 5+5 @ 225 with a blue band. My first 9:30 class in forever.

  10. Amy Kbaum Reply

    Awesome 9:30 class today! You all worked so hard and did great!

    11 + 1 rx

  11. Amy Kbaum Reply

    The trail run was amazing! Thank you Jen Ben and Tracy! Will definitely be doing that more often.

  12. Ann Massi Reply

    1 point thurs
    2 points Friday
    2 points Saturday
    2 points sunday
    2 points today

  13. Erin Meagher Reply

    6 rounds plus 7 deadlifts plus 3 pu’s. Did the deadlifts first.

  14. Jennifer Grace Reply

    7 rounds plus 1 c2b (did just under six rounds last time)…2 points for Gerald and me

  15. Paul S Reply

    6 rnds + 5 + 10 (155#)

    Thanks Sarah for suggesting I do this at 155 instead of 185. It does get heavy fast.

  16. sarah lee Reply

    Smart move Paul. You are so strong but that weight gets heavy fast. Better safe then sorry!

  17. sarah lee Reply

    And awesome job everyone that set personal records today! Great work!

  18. Faron Reply

    8 rds + 5 C2B pull ups + 10 HR push ups + 15 Squats + 1 DL @ 185#.

    2 points today.

  19. Kelly Cook Reply

    5 rounds plus 5+10+15+2 DL (155#, green and blue bands). Only slightly better than last time. 2 points today.

  20. mason Reply

    6 rnds +5c2b + 8 burpees
    Did 1st 3 rnds strict pull-ups so I wouldn’t tear
    Subbed burpees for push ups
    Great work everyone!

  21. Christopher Judkins Reply

    8 rounds +5+1… more than a full round better than last time at higher difficulty, pretty happy with that.

  22. Amy Sch Reply

    I did a full 10 rounds this time. Same weight #110 and blue band. Last time I made it half way through 8th.
    Tue 0
    Wed 2
    Thur 0
    Fri 2
    Sat 1.5
    Sun 1.5
    Mon 2

  23. jennifer simmons Reply

    1 point

  24. Bushy Reply

    2 points
    7+DL+1c2b. Rx.
    Same score as 1st time but did regular pullups begore.

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