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June 24, 2013
CrossFit Cape Cod Workout Of The Day

4 Rounds 
1:00 Thrusters 95/65
1:00 Pull Ups
Rest 2:00 Between Rounds
Score Total Points


Summer Schedule Effective Monday! 6/24

Monday – Friday 6,7,8,9am 3:30,4:30,5:30,6:30pm (No 6:30pm Fridays)



Child Care
Mondays 5:30,6:30pm
Tuesdays 9am & 5:30pm
Wednesdays 9am & 5:30pm
Thursdays 9am
Friday 9am & 5:30pm
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  1. Jodi Norton Reply

    65 reps with 35#. Used red a d blue bands. But did an extra 50 sit-ups after class. 1 point for today…going to the vineyard and plan on having ice cream!

  2. Jen Heinlein Reply

    Yeah Betty!!
    Felt pretty blah today. 77 reps, 45#, blue and purple bands.

  3. Justine Norton Reply

    45# 80 reps, used red and blue bands. 2 points today but I’m craving chocolate SO bad,

  4. Jodi Norton Reply

    Whoopsie…actually did 90 reps…not 65

  5. Kristen Menard Reply

    Only 1 point today for nutrition… Missed out on the WOD 🙁

  6. Kristen Menard Reply

    Only 1 point today for nutrition… Missed out on the WOD 🙁

  7. David Wonder Reply

    Goodbye Crossfit Cape Cod. Thank you Mark & Sara for opening my eyes to crossfit. Met some great people at the box. Thanks for changing my life for the better. Have a good one!!

  8. Jen Heinlein Reply

    2 points for today.

  9. mason Reply

    Dave it’s been a pleasure. I will continue to tell the story on how you ended up on the ground with the bar on top of your neck. My scariest moment coaching! You made huge strides while you were here and I am sure you will continue to wod and crush each one! Best of luck!

  10. Sarah Sprague Reply

    87 reps @45# and purple band at the massive 5:30 class. So much fun!

  11. Tess Reply

    81 reps at 45# today, and 1 pt for nutrition

  12. sarah lee Reply

    Dave! You have made so much progress! Please come visit when you come back and keep us posted on your upcoming success.

    90 RX. The 5:30 was a big one but so much fun. I LOVE working out with big classes. So motivating.

  13. Erin Meagher Reply

    94 RX. Great wod. 2 points for today, even though the day isn’t over yet:) I’m confident in the next couple hours though:)

  14. Kelly Cook Reply

    66 reps at 65# and green and red bands. 2 points today. Good luck Dave!

  15. mason Reply

    Did yesterday’s wod 3 rnds 400m, 20 burpees. 10:48

  16. Mark Lee Reply

    Wow Dave, sorry to see you go-you are an awesome guy! I wish you the best and keep up the great work-hope we see you on a visit in the not to distance future!

  17. Mark Lee Reply

    2 Points-Felt Great During The WOD-I blame the nutrition!

  18. Cutrona Studios Reply

    Super proud to say 2 pts today!!! 106 total, 35# but couldn’t do pull-ups with my stupid shoulder, so I did ring pull-ups instead. Favorite recipe today: ice cream! Don’t worry, frozen bananas, coconut milk & fresh vanilla. One word: yum.

  19. Andy Mathieson Reply

    116 Rx.
    2 points for today. I also felt pretty good during the WOD.

    Dave it’s been real man. I’ll be coming down to VA beach later this summer for a visit.

  20. Elizabeth Miles Reply

    2 points! Safe travels Dave.

  21. Carol Gonzalez Reply

    2 PTs. 45# 91

  22. Mark Lee Reply

    Good job Amy! That ice cream sounds good!

  23. Kerida Rodriguez Reply

    2 pts. 45# 67

  24. Christopher Judkins Reply

    110rx not nearly what I was hoping for today but I had some great motivation from Andy and the incomparable Dave Wonder. Gonna miss you pushing me thru wods man, having the kinda competition you brought close by always kept me digging deep. Live it up in VA Beach this summer and hope to see you soon!

    2 points for today, 1 for Sat, 1 for Sun (mark I still gotta buy in if that’s okay!)

  25. Chloe Pelissier Reply

    35# 84 reps 2 points for Monday and 1 point for Sat

  26. Rachel Dean Reply

    108 with 45# and blue band
    2 points!

  27. jennifer simmons Reply

    1 point

  28. Natasha Jonas Reply

    123 45# blue band. And 2 points 🙂

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