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May 6th Day 2

May 06, 2014
Recipe Blogs

The Paleo Mom (Coach Traci’s Favorite!)

Tips: when using these sites, look for simple recipes. Also, try to avoid making the deserts for at least this first week, let your body get used to eating real food. If you have questions post them in the comments, there are some different iterations of what is paleo and what is not, most times we can reach a consensus and keep you moving toward your goals.

Tips: avoid bars as part of your day. have some fruit and nuts instead of lara bars. 
Post workout try having some carb and protein within 45 minutes. This is a good time for the sweet potato & applesauce with chicken or even faster is my favorite, coconut water and a scoop of protein. Fat is not needed during the post workout meal.  

How did you do on day 2? Lets hear it in the comments!
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  1. Erin Meagher Reply

    Hi everyone! Looks like you are all doing great! I just wanted to share a couple things- I have been mostly Paleo for the past couple of years- I CONSTANTLY struggle with 10 or so pounds. I originally lost about 40 pounds on paleo and it really works! I found myself eating too many nuts and paleo goodie and dried fruit. When I started Zone paleo I lost weight fast and felt great!! The food combos of fat, carb, and protein help with hunger as mark has been saying- I went off it a couple weeks ago and was really surprised at my lack of energy! I started up again and it’s a little more challenging mentally – I’m hoping to stick with it this time!! Keep up the good work all!

    • Mark Lee Reply

      Thank you Erin, you are a great example, and you’ve come a long way!

  2. jlockwood Reply

    2 points today.
    Show of hands – anyone else having major sugar withdrawals? My aching head…
    Bfast: veggie stir fry with 2 eggs drizzled with a lemon dressing. Coffee with a splash of whole milk.
    Snack: small banana with 6 crushed walnuts
    Lunch: Big salad with field greens, tuna, red peppers, tomato, zucchini, and drizzled with lemon dressing. 1/2 sweeet potato on the side. (spelled it right this time)
    Snack: Guac with mini cukes
    Dinner: ground turkey stir fry with peppers, onion tomatoes, and bacon. Broccoli and carrots drizzled with lemon dressing.
    Today, I was all about the lemon dressing. So good.

    • Bill G Reply

      Totally had sugar withdraw last month when I first tried paleo and had dull headaches for about 5 days. Was only off the train for a few days before we started this challenge so hoping to not go through that again.

    • Mark Lee Reply

      “Getting off the crack!” is a painful process at first. After you detox you realize what you must have been doing to your self.
      Try unsweetened almond milk creamer instead of milk:)

    • jlockwood Reply

      Thanks mark. Can you recommend a brand? The last time I used almond milk, it spilled on my deck and took the stain off. I think it was the wrong brand.

    • Shannah Jaburek Reply

      I like to use trader joes brand because it is carrageenan free…if you can’t make it up that way Silk makes one that is also carrageenan free but stop n shop doesn’t always have it…also neither brand seems to curdle in my coffee

    • jlockwood Reply

      Thank you! I will search for it this weekend. Stay away from the almond milk they sell at stop n shop…it removes paint, blood stains, and wine from the carpet.

  3. MattR Reply

    Hey, I’ve been too busy crying in my coffee (yeah coffee who loves ya) over my nancy joints to check the site the last couple of weeks & I didn’t realize you guys started another nutrition challenge. Can I sneak in now? Miss the gym.

    • Mark Lee Reply

      Welcome Matt! Lets get together for a cup of coffee, email me or call me 508-648-5648 Looking forward to seeing you back in the gym!

  4. Bill G Reply

    Breakfast: same smoothie as yesterday w/ 3 hard boiled eggs and salt
    Lunch: same salad as yesterday but with ~3oz of mixed raw almonds and raw cashews on the side instead of the larabar
    Snack: ~8oz of strawberries (needed a little more than I normally would eat at this point since I had to go to 5:30 instead of 3:30)
    Dinner: stuffed orange bell pepper with ~5oz of ground turkey w/ zucchini, onion, mushroom and some spices

    • Mark Lee Reply

      Well done Bill. I think if you add a post workout protein and carb you will get some extra calories in that might help you have more energy and stay full through the day. Or make the strawberry snack a mini meal, possibly both scenarios if you feel like you aren’t eating enough.

  5. Shannah Jaburek Reply

    Post WOD 1 scoop chocolate protein powder with ~6 oz unsweetened vanilla almond milk
    Breakfast: 1 scrambled egg with salsa(the only way I like them, big st since I only started eating them a few months ago!), 1 cup coffee with almond milk
    No snack since I wasn’t hungry until lunch (must have been the 34 ounces of water I drank before 9am!)
    Lunch: mixed green salad with carrot, cucumber, and half an avocado (I gotta get some protein in there)
    Snack: 3 pieces unsweetened and unsulfered dried mango
    Dinner: chicken burger no bun with guacamole and salsa….tried one Brussels sprout and spit it out…one of these days I’ll like them
    After dinner: coffee, need a caffeine jolt to finish my major paper
    Water- so far ~ 65 oz but will prob drink more until I go to bed

    • Shannah Jaburek Reply

      Forgot my salad had paleo ranch dressing

    • Mark Lee Reply

      I like it Shannah, your effort comes through in your comments:) You are narrowing it down to a really solid days worth of eating and the only thing that I would say is like I’ve suggested to everyone, Try to bring the Protein Fat and Carbs in to every meal, except the post WOD where you can leave out the fat. Keep up the good work! And keep trying to find ways to make the veggies eatable, they are the lifeblood of good nutrition!

    • Christopher Judkins Reply

      I don’t know how you cooked but your brussel sprouts but I usually toss them with olive oil season with salt and pepper roast them in a hot oven then hit them with some fresh lemon juice before serving… delicious!

  6. Ann Massi Reply

    For breakfast I had a paleo hot cereal made with coconut meat, hazelnuts, pecans, chia seeds, flax seeds, and cinnamon topped with blueberries. For lunch I had a salad of mixed greens, tom, cubes, peppers, celery, apple and grapes topped with taco meat (no chips)
    For dinner I had seared scallops, 1/2 sweet potato, peppers, onions and brocolli
    To help the sugar craving I made paleo fudge and had 2 pieces
    I had 78 oz water, 2 cups tea, 2 cups coconut water
    I did almost 15 minutes mobility

    • Ann Massi Reply

      Ih and I had guacamole as my dressing on my salad

    • Mark Lee Reply

      That fudge has saved me so many times:) Can I get you to add 2 eggs to that breakfast? Looking strong!

  7. Bushy Reply

    Water – Check
    B. Pepperoni, larabar, apple sauce
    L. Grilled Chicken, Broccoli, Sweet Potatoe (last night’s dinner)
    D. Chiken/Steak/Veggie Kabobs, Cauliflower Rice (tomorrow’s lunch)
    S. Clementine
    – Will have to do the workout tomorrow or friday…

    • Mark Lee Reply

      Nice lunch and dinner, I like the leftover planning, that’s a very helpful way to prep for the next day. Try eggs apple sauce and some nuts for breakfast and you’ll be even more of a stud.

  8. Zach Reply

    Breakfast- 3 eggs, 1 can bac & fruit drink w/ almond milk
    Lunch- turkey & cucumbers, carrots, Lara bar
    Snack- paleo granola
    Dinner- paleo shepherds pie
    About 100oz water- that’s probably the hardest part

  9. Carol G. Reply

    Bfast banana protien drink only water
    Nut mix
    Chicken veggie soup salad has veggies and egg in salad
    Applesauce guacamole and cukes with salami
    Dinner pork tenderloin w broccoli. Raw pineapple just now. I think I am getting a cold
    All water in!! Yay! It was hard!

  10. Kevin Medeiros Reply

    Banana before 6am WOD

    Breakfast- fruit bowl (strawberries, blueberries, grapes)
    Green tea black

    Snack banana

    Lunch strawberry creek salad organic greens, fresh strawberries, mandarin orange, almonds with balsamic vinaigrette. Possibly the best salad ever.

    Dinner (tequila dinner at Anejo for work)
    Añejo Steak Frites Añejo spice rubbed 12 oz. all natural grass-fed New York strip, grilled to order and served over spicy cotija frites with chimichurri sauce
    Not sure it was completely Paleo but better than a chimachanga
    3 margaritas with fresh lime juice – it was a tequila dinner after all for work.

    Target 110oz water (drank over 120oz)

    • sarah lee Reply

      Nice job with all the water!

      Let’s try adding some protein to each meal. I would love to see some more veggies in there too. When are you in next? We can work on a meal plan together:)

    • Kevin Medeiros Reply

      A meal plan would be great. I warn you though I’m a 8 year old kid when it comes to vegetables. I like peppers, asparagus, and corn that’s about it:-)

  11. Kevin Medeiros Reply

    Is whey protein ok (made with water)?

    • Mark Lee Reply

      I highly recommend using protein powder Post WOD. Whey, egg, etc. Just no soy.

  12. Christopher Tufts Reply

    Ok on water for the day,
    Bfast Banana, strawberries, 3 eggs
    Lunch salad with chicken, strawberries, Apple
    Dinner Roasted Chicken, roasted broccoli
    “desert” split an apple & honey with Haley (and Henry)

    It has been good to be able to avoid the cookies in the break room and the candy everywhere else, Certainly not easy, but it feels good to be able to have the will power to say no!

  13. sarah lee Reply

    Hey guys! Sorry I haven’t been commenting much. Mark is taking good care of you all. Remember as time goes on and you get through this detoxing phase we want to up the veggies and lower the fruit. Keep some fruit in but try to remember those super artistic food plates I drew for you at the nutrition meeting. Some protein, little fat and A TON of veggies. Great work so far!

  14. HaleyDawn Reply

    got my water in
    breakfast- scrambled eggs and half a grape fruit
    lunch- salad w/ cucumber and kalamata olives and redwine vinagarrett (home made)
    dinner- roasted chicken breast w/ roasted broccoli
    dessert- apples w/ honey
    definitely need to work on getting more veggies in my diet but im getting there

    • sarah lee Reply

      Haley it looks delicious but I think you should add a little meat to your salad and maybe a balanced snack. You might feel fuller longer. Good Job!

  15. Christopher Tufts Reply

    water was good today
    B 3 Pieces Bacon, 3 Fried Eggs, Apple
    L Grapefruit, Some pepper strips, leftover pork with some carrots
    D Mixed Veggies, Chicken Thighs, and a little bit of Pork that Henry didn’t want to finish and I am just finishing apples and almond butter with a touch of honey

    Looking retrospectively right after lunch, I should have brought something to dip the peppers in… Oh and I probably neglect to state that I usually have 1-3 cups of coffee with coconut milk and a tsp of coconut sugar

  16. Nico Curtis Reply

    110 oz of water today! only needed 100
    breakfast: 3 eggs 2 full strips of bacon, 1 banana with almond butter 12 oz shake
    snack: mango banana smoothie (12 oz)
    lunch: chicken salad w/ broccoli, carrots, 2 eggs
    dinner: pork broccoli, sauteed onions. also had cucumbers with guacamole. sorry this is late i posted this info on the wrong day

    • sarah lee Reply

      Wow! Looks awesome! Try to add some protein powder to that shake or a couple of raw eggs. Great work!

  17. sarah lee Reply

    I love the little guacamole packets you can buy. They are great for dipping your meat and veggies and easy to pack.

  18. Brianna Diminico Reply

    Day 2

    Breakfast: Two hard boiled eggs, Medium Black Ice Coffee
    Snack: Apple & Handful of almonds
    Lunch: Shake (Almond Milk, Spinach, Apple, Banana, Strawberry, Pineapple, Crushed Ice)
    48 oz of Water
    Dinner: Shepherd’s Pie made with Turkey Meat & Cauliflower- soo good!!


    Those are two really good websites that I have been using for Paleo check them out!!

    • sarah lee Reply

      I will check out those recipes thanks!

      Bri I think you need to eat A LOT more. Try adding that snack to the eggs, some Protein to your lunch, and another snack. Are you hungry?

  19. Brianna Diminico Reply

    Here is the link for the Turkey Shepherd’s Pie if anyone is interested
    I used Coconut Oil for the fat
    I DO NOT use cheese (no bueno for Paleo)
    And Ground Turkey instead of Beef!
    ALSO, I like to add in some Jalapeno’s and cayenne pepper to give it a little kick!


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