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July PRs!!!

August 01, 2013
Jamin-Bar Muscle Ups, Clean 220lbs
Danielle N.-Deadlift 105×3
Paul M.-Deadlift 175×3
Erin M. Sumo-Deadlift 225×3
Sarah L.-Sumo Deadlift 250×3
Robb-Sumo Deadlift 320lbs
Ann-Sumo Deadlift 165lbs
Mat S-185×3
Kelly C-90lbs, 145lb Front Squat
Kerri-Over Head Squat 80×3
Michelle-Over Head Squat 50×3
Leah- Back Squat 135, Sumo Deadlift 205lbs
Zach-Press 185lbs, Snatch 190lbs WOD at 6am.
Renee-Snatch 95lbs
Dave P.- 1st Rx WOD
Kerri-6 Consecutive Toes To Bar
Ann W.-Front Squat 95×5
Erin G.-Front Squat 95×5, 100×3,24 Inch Box Jump, Snatch 60lbs, Clean 85lbs, Handstand Hold
Jen H.-Front Squat 115×5, Clean 95lbs
Sarah S.-Thruster 70lbs, 65lb Snatch, 95lb Clean
Mason-Over Head Squat 75×3
Jen S.-Back Squat 125lbs,Press 85, Snatch 75lbs
Jen W.-4 Double Unders, 1st Rx WOD
Dom 132-Double Unders, 2:56 Grace, 255 Clean, 165 Snatch, Kipping Handstand Push Up.
Niall-Back Squat 295×7
Grampy FF- Chest To Bar Pull Up,Clean & Jerk 145lbs
Melissa-60lb Press
Danielle-Press 85lbs
Mo-Snatch 135lbs
Terry-110lb Clean
Jodi-105lb Clean, 85lbs Back Squat
Ian-Snatch 145lbs
Marissa-5 Toes To Bar
Lisa-Back Squat 75lbs
Amy C.-Back Squat 90×4
Chloe-Back Squat 115×4
Kristin-Back Squat 35lbs
Lindsey P.-Back Squat 85lbs
Kristen M.-Handstand Hold
Amanda-Snatch 65lbs
Andy M.-Snatch 165lbs, Clean 215lbs
Tasha Clean 95lbs
Rachael-Clean 100lbs
Erin G.-Broke Jump Rope Rack-Mark L Fixed Jump Rope Rack In Sub 48hrs.

Benchmark 1
Andy M.-2:12 Pr, Benchmark 3 1:38 Pr

Great Job CrossFit Cape Cod!!!
Get Your Name On The PR Board This August!!!

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  1. sarah lee Reply

    Those are the results are dedication and hard work! Keep it everyone!

  2. Andy Mathieson Reply

    This is such a motivator seeing your name up there. Keep up the good work everyone!

  3. Erin Meagher Reply

    Nice work everyone!

  4. Jen Heinlein Reply

    Way to go, C3! Can’t wait to see what August brings!

  5. jennifer simmons Reply

    Congrats everyone!

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