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Heat List

October 18, 2014
Wod 1

Heat 1-  9:00

Lane       Team
2    Emily Anderson/ Scott Burg
3   Kali Fernandez/ Ben James Smith
4    Caity Sherlock/ Mist Rousseau
5    Kevin M/ Jojo M
6    Erik Ward/ Chris Johnson
7    Robyn Hend/ Jacquline Nowlan
8    Lisa Potter/ Sue O’Donnell
Heat 2-  9:20

1    Lilyanna Lee/ Morgan Lacava
2    Sarah Lee/ Andy M
3    Katie Clancy/ Tim Lewis
4    Jodie Elhers/Evan Staph
5    Kelly Cook/ Michelle Parker
6    Mac Davis/
7    Heidi Lacaca/ Kristin Powell
8    Amy Schruaber/ Renee V
Heat 3- 9:40

2. Chahna Izzo/Derrah Gouise
3. Ben Garlington/ Chris Correa
4. Adam Izzo/ Dan Mich
5. Cristin Sch/ Peter Monoghan
6. Will Howe/ John Ross
7. Justin Enders/Craig Machnick
8. Amy KB/ Traci Avant
Heat 4- 10:00

2    Amanda M/ Wendy Anderlot
3    Rachael Owen/ Ashley Owen
4    Rob Sykes/ Ann Workman
5    Grampy FF/ Erin Andrews
6    Erin Gingra/ Laura Ukro
7    Shannah J/ Liz O
8    Nicole Morin/ Melissa Peers
Heat 5- 10-20

2 Seth Silva/ Cara Harvie
3 Jamin B/ Terri Obrien
4 Tom and Traci Bushy
5 John Pic/ Bob Powers
6 Brendan G/ James Hoeg
7 Erin Porter/ Chelsye Bailey
8 Katie Falkowski/Bridget Armstrong
WOD 2 & 3

Heat 1 – 11:00

1.    Emily Anderson/ Scott Burg
2.     Kali Fernandez/ Ben James Smith
3.     Caity Sherlock/ Mist Rousseau
4.     Erik Ward/ Chris Johnson
5.     Robyn/ Jacquline Nowlan
6.     Lisa Potter/ Sue O’Donell
7.     Kevin M/ JoJO M
Heat 2- 11:15


1. Sarah Lee/ Andrew M
2. Katie Clancy/ Tim Lewis
3. Jodie Elhers/Evan Staph
4. Mac Davis/
5. Heidi Lacava/ Kristin Powel
6. Amy Sch/ Renee V
7. Kelly Cook/ Michelle Parker

Heat 3- 11:30


1. Channa Izzo/ Gouise
2. Ben Garlington/ Chris Correa
3. Adam Izzo/ Dan Mich
4. Cristin Sch/ Peter Monoghan
5. Amy KB/ Traci Avant
6. Justin Enders/ Craige Machnick
7. Will Howe/ John Ross

Heat 4- 11:45


1. Amanda Mc/ Wendy Anderlot    
2. Rachael Owen/ Ashley Owen
3. Rob Sykes/ Ann Workman
4. Grampy/ Erin
5. Emily Gingra/ Laura Ukro
6. Shannah J/ Liz O
7. Nicole Morin/ Melissa Peers
Heat 5- 12:00


1. Seth Silva/Cara Harvie
2. Jamin B/ Terri Obrien
3. Tom and Traci Bushy
4. Brendan G/ James Hoeg
5. Erin Porter/ Chelsye Bailey
6. Katie Falkowski/ Bridget Armstrong
7. John Pis/ Bob Powers

Heat 1- 12:35

1. Emily Anderson/ Scott Burg
2. Kali Fernandez/ Ben James
3. Caity Sherlock/ Mist Rossesu
4. Erik Ward/  Chris Johnson
5. Robyn Hend/ Jacquiline Nowlan
6. Kevin M/ JoJo M

Heat 2- 1:00

1. Lisa Potter/ Sue O’Donnell
2. Sarah Lee/ Andy M
3. Katie Clancy/  Tim Lewis
4. Jodie Elhers/Evan Steph
5. Renee V/ Amy Sch
6. Mac Davis
7. Lilyanna Lee/ Morgan

Heat 3 1:25

1. Heidi L/ Kristin P
2. Channa Izzo/ Gouise
3. Adam Izzo/ Dan Mich
4. Cristin Sch/ Peter Monoghan
5. Will Howe/ John Ross
6. Kelly Cook/ Michelle Parker
Heat 4- 1:50


1. Justin Enders/ Craig Machnick
2. Amy KB/ Traci Avant
3. Amanda McLaughlin/ Wendy Anderlot
4. Rachael Owen/ Ashley Owen
5. Rob Sykes/ Ann Workman
6. Ben Garlington/ Chris Correa

Heat 5 – 2:15


1. Emily Gingra/ Laura Ukio
2. Shannah J/ Liz O
3. Nicole Morin/ Melissa Peers
4. John P/ Bob Powers
5. Grampy/ Erin

Heat 6- 2:40


1. Seth Silva/ Cara Harvie
2. Jamin B/ Terri Obrien
3. Tom and Traci Bushy
4. Brendan G/ James Hoeg
5. Erin Porter/ Chelsye Bailey
6. Katie Falkowski/ Bridget Armstrong
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  1. sarah lee Reply

    Thank you to all of our judges and volunteers! You guys all worked so hard and made the event run so well. Great job to everyone who competed. It’s scary to put yourself out there but it’s such a fun experience. I really appreciate everyone who cheered me on. I could hear every one of your voices screaming my name and it made me want to work harder for all of you. I had such a great time teaming up with Andy! Thanks for being my partner!

  2. Terry obrien Reply

    Thanks Sarah and Mark, once again you put on a great event. I was so impressed with all the amazing athletes that competed. i can definitley feel those WODs today.

    • Liz Ouellette Reply

      I’m pretty much immobile today Terri! I’ll be at the box tomorrow for some very much needed mobility!

  3. Kelly Cook Reply

    Thank you Mark and Sarah for a really great day yesterday!!! I had such an awesome time!!

  4. Michelle Reply

    Thanks to Mark and Sarah and all the volunteers! What a great day! A special thanks to Kelly my teammate. I had a great time. Also a BIG thanks to Sarah for the lasagna. It was EXCELLENT and my husband wants more. I ran today. I was sore.

  5. Dorene Goldstein Reply

    This was my first crossfit competition. I was amazed at how all the athletes cheered everyone on!! I will be happy to volunteer again and who knows, maybe some day I will compete (in the fun division!).
    Thank you Sarah and Mark for all you do for us.

  6. Shannah Jaburek Reply

    Thank you Mark, Sarah, and all the volunteers…I had so much fun competing, it was such an awesome experience…and It hurts to move today but in the good way!!!

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