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July 05, 2013
CrossFit Cape Cod Workout Of The Day

 5 Rounds Rest As Needed Between Rounds
Sumo Deadlift x 3
1 Minute Handstand Hold
Score The Weight Of The Deadlifts And How Many Times You Break Up The Handstands, If At All.
Followed By
Max Sit Ups In 3 Minutes
(Compare To Tabata Score Which Is 2:40 Of Work In Almost 4 Minutes)

WODing in the Roosevelt Room

Tomorrow Is CrossFit For Hope!

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  1. Patrick Demont Reply

    Nice follow up to the fourth,

  2. JoJo Mikolazyk Reply

    #65, 3 breaks (my morning juice was coming up by last hand stand), lost count with sit ups 🙁 but I know I wouldn’t have made it past 2 minutes if it wasn’t for Mark, so thank YOU!

  3. Mark Lee Reply

    Great work morning crews! Everyone put out max effort! Nice job JoJo!

  4. Ann Reply

    145# and 130 sit ups! I’ve got that raw butt yet again. Heading for a swim now!

  5. Patrick Demont Reply

    #205 91 sit ups no breaks, there’s something about heavy deadlifts that makes me want to just eat the rest of the day

  6. sarah lee Reply

    205, 215, 225, 235, 250 x3

    137 sit-ups

  7. Michelle Reply

    I forgot no class at 630 turning around for home will work out there.be there tomorrow

  8. Mark Lee Reply

    Fun working out with the 4:30 group! Congratulations to Robb on the 20lb deadlift PR!!!

    335lbs across, no breaks, 125 situps-Sarah is better than me!

    2 points today.

  9. mason Reply

    Nice work today everyone in the pm classes. Some great pr’s this afternoon too!
    225 no breaks. Not my best day…slept on the ground (no air mattress) at Washburn for two nights. My back was definitely feeling it today.

  10. Christopher Judkins Reply

    1 point

  11. Sarah Sprague Reply

    Started at 125# and went up be tens. 165#x3, no breaks. 82 sit ups. Sarah you must have abs of steel!

  12. Erin Meagher Reply

    195, 205, 215, 225, 235, 235- PR!
    No breaks
    2 points
    116 situps

  13. Jodi Norton Reply

    Rest day today…1 point for nutrition.

  14. Kelly Cook Reply

    125, 145, 155×3, 7 breaks! 60 sit ups. 2 points today.

  15. Andy Mathieson Reply

    245, 275, 275, 295, 295 for sumo dead lifts.
    118 sit ups.
    2 points for the day.

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