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Friday 6/6/14

June 06, 2014
Advanced Training WOD

Do A. and B. with the class.
You are establishing a 3 rep max bench press in A. to use starting next week to base our percentages off of. 
B. Should be a real hard and fast gasser. If you haven’t reviewed the “50’s” WOD from the regionals yet do so and try some different approaces on the box jump overs. Standing up all the way on the box is not a requirement. Keep in mind its still early in the 2015 season and practicing the rebounding box jumps is not that important until we draw nearer to the open.

C. Handstand Push Up Progression
5 Sets Of 5 Reps Deficit Negatives. Lower yourself on a 3 one thousand tempo. Use at least 2 45’s stacked on each side with an ab mat in the middle. The focus here is building strength and POSITION. Eliminate arching in the back by getting into the hollow position with the abs. Squeeze the glutes and point your toes at the ceiling with your legs together. Active shoulders and the fingers should be digging in and creating torque. Move at the elbows and stay strict and tight for the duration of each rep.    

D. 3 Super Sets Of Tricep Press Downs and Band Pull Aparts Each For Max Reps. Rest as needed between sets. If you are doing over 30 reps increase the band size.

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