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September 07, 2012

CrossFit Cape Cod Workout Of The Day

1. Work Up To A 1 Rep Max Snatch

2. Work Up To A 1 Rep Max Clean and Jerk


Remember that this Saturday is Bring a friend day-invite someone you like to get all the benefits of CrossFit to join our fun community! We will do a free intro session at 12:30 and then they can join us Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6:30 pm for free elements classes! (normally 150$)

Also on Saturday- Buy and Ice Cream at Twin Acres on Rte. 6a in Sandwich between 11am-4pm and you will help out LUV4LEXI-100% of the proceeds are being donated!!!

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  1. Bushy Reply

    Day 2 Burpee Challenge – Check.

    some cross fit nut had a good time on their computer updating the variations. however, they left out the “dougie burpee” oh well.

    WOY (workout of yesterday) 193.

    Giggy – congrats on the new baby and way to go rxing most wods. nettie, i would trade my next newborn baby to be able to take 2 months off and look/perform like you at cf! john, your training skills are superior – thanks.

  2. Annmarie Reply

    60# on the snatch

    95# (10# PR) on the Clean. Thanks to Amy Sq for sharing a bar with me and encouraging me to go to 95. Good class this morning!

  3. Anonymous Reply

    What a awesome video! Defying gravity really shows how it’s done! Can’t wait to try it. Kurt

  4. Amy Sch Reply

    65 Snatch, 95 Clean and Jerk PR
    Day 2 Burpee challenge check.
    Thanks Nicole and Mark 🙂

  5. Jennifer Benedetti Reply

    Great time watching so many people PR this morning!!
    Way to go everyone!!!

  6. Andy M. Reply

    Snatch: 125# PR
    Clean and Jerk: 165# PR

    Big thank you to Mark for pushing me to a PR for both lifts. Great workout this morning!

  7. Andy M. Reply

    Oh, and day 2 of burpee challenge done.

  8. Mark Lee Reply

    Crushed 2 Dougie Burpees for Bushy. Great Job everybody on the Olympic lifts!!! There is nothing like it when they go right, I know when you are learning them they are really frustrating, Keep at it, the payoff is unparalleled with any other exercise!

  9. Erin Meagher Reply

    90 lbs on snatch (didnt look very nice)
    130 clean and jerk – i feel like i could have got 135 but i was rushing to be home!!

  10. Erin Meagher Reply

    and WHAT is a dougie burpee?!!

  11. SarahSprague Reply

    65# snatch/80# clean and jerk. Carol G is one strong woman!

  12. Anonymous Reply

    Kurt M
    155 snatch, 205 clean and jerk, both with horrible form and technique. They should make a how not to video of me doing the Olympic lifts and call it “Denied by Gravity”! Day 2 burpee challenge complete.

  13. mcgrail Reply

    175 snatch
    225 clean & Jerk PR

  14. sarah lee Reply

    Snatch 75 this morning but redid it this afternoon and did 80. 5 pound pr
    Clean and jerk- 115- 5 pound pr

  15. mcgrail Reply

    Kurt, way to get after it today… And for the record… We have video!… Adam, Joe and Bushy… Also made the highlight reel! Nice job!

  16. Anonymous Reply

    Snatch 30 Clean and jerk 70 (15 pound PR) ~Sabra

  17. David Churbuck Reply

    135 snatch/185 c&j. Wasn’t able to hit my past PRs but love those lifts.

  18. Katey b Reply

    Everyone was so inspiring today. I think we did some real 1 rep max efforts. This is why I love c3:)
    90# snatch 120# c& j. Also check on day two of burpee challenge

  19. Amy Sch Reply

    Andy, I saw your clean and jerk, it was awesome.
    Sabra, you looked great! Nice PR

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