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September 14, 2012

CrossFit Cape Cod Workout Of The Day

AMRAP 15 Minutes

1xSled Push 1/2 The Parking Lot 90/45

12 Step Ups on to a 20 inch box 95/65 Barbell In Back Rack Position Alternating Legs

4 Tire Flips 

Post WOD

Burpee Challenge Day 9! 

Masters Competition October 20th at CFNE. Click Here For Details!
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  1. Mark Lee Reply

    Sarah S., Mason, Robb, McGrail, Greg,Dave C. ALL COMPETING IN THE MASTERS!!! I can’t wait to go cheer everyone on! I urge any of our members over 40 to participate in the competition it will be a fun experience and will be motivating before and after! You guys inspire me everyday!

  2. Anonymous Reply

    Mark I am in for the Burpee challenge…8 days late, but
    I think I can catch up. Terry-

  3. sarah lee Reply

    Terry you should compete!

  4. Bushy Reply

    Mason’s over 40!?!?!

    WOY – 10:24

    Burpee Challenge – In

  5. Anonymous Reply

    6 am class pushed the sled from the middle island to the end, then back. Tire and box step up station were in the middle island area. Best rounds rx was the old man Michael. Hes on the fence about doing the masters, but maybe this pushes him over the edge?

    jon m

  6. Anonymous Reply

    Michael is a warrior! Kurt M

  7. Mark Lee Reply

    A warrior you say?…How old is this warrior? Over 40- he should compete! (I apologize if you are not yet 40:)

  8. David Churbuck Reply

    7 rounds + 12 whatcha-call-its-on-the-box-things.

  9. Andy M. Reply

    5 Rounds + sled push Rx

    Burpees done thanks to Tracy including them in the warm up. 🙂

  10. Michael Reply

    Old man Michael did 6 rounds flat this morning. I am over 40 i am 45 and i WILL think about masters. And as long as we are getting called out KURT the BEAST McDonald is over 40 as well.

  11. Mark Lee Reply

    Kurt is over 40!!!! All our 40+ members have found the fountain of youth- Kurt and Micheal- DO IT!!! It’s going to be too much fun!!!

  12. Anonymous Reply

    Did the Cobalt Blue WOD that was posted on website last Sunday today at Firehouse. Great work out, good times.
    Erik M

  13. Lindsay S Reply

    I cant remember if I did 6 2/3 or 7 2/3… I was kind of out of it at the end of the workout lol… but either way, RX and feeling great now!! I’m going to miss this when I move :((((

  14. jonathan miles Reply

    7 rounds rx. Thanks for giving a number to chase Dave.

  15. Nettie Reply

    4 rds plus the sled.

  16. Mark Lee Reply

    Erik-very cool!
    Lindsay-so sad that you are moving!

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