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November 09, 2012
CrossFit Cape Cod Workout Of The Day
CrossFit Games
Front Squat 1 Rep Max
Followed By
As Many Rounds Possible In 7:00
10 Wall Ball 20lbs/14lbs 10′
10 Box Jumps
10 Toes To Bar
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  1. sarah lee Reply

    Front squat- 140
    3 rounds rx.

  2. Anonymous Reply

    Front squat-265 rx 4 rds 10 wall ball 5 box jumps. Worked on kipping pull- ups after WOD. Hope to get 10 unbroken reps buy Jan.1st. David S.

  3. Erin Meagher Reply

    Front squat- 135, wod- 3+8- if I remember correctly! -RX.

  4. Erin Meagher Reply

    And- yes!! We want paleo on menus! That would be great:)

  5. Anonymous Reply

    185 and 3 rds plus 2 box jumps

  6. jonathan miles Reply

    225 front squat, then 4 rounds plus 10 wall balls, 4 box jumps

  7. Anonymous Reply

    Kurt M
    215 front squat just missed 245 lbs
    4 rounds 10 WB, 9 BJ
    Day 57 burpee challenge done!

  8. Anonymous Reply

    95 front squat, 2 rounds + 10 wall balls(10lb) + 10 box jump (20 inch) +1 t2b. Sabra

  9. Mark Lee Reply

    Nice work we are getting some great scores on the board! Thank you for posting your times and SMART GOALS!

  10. David Churbuck Reply

    245 front squat (pr)
    3 rounds + 10 wb + 3 boxes

  11. Andy M. Reply

    225# front squat. Almost had the 235# front squat for a 10# PR but just couldn’t stand up with it. My legs are fried from the deadlifts the other day.
    Rx 4 rounds plus 10 wall balls and 5 box jumps.

    Didn’t get to work on my goal for the strict press the past couple days but, lucky me, the WOD tomorrow is all shoulder work!

  12. Andy M. Reply

    Just looked at my lifting log and it turns out that the 225# was a 10# PR! 🙂

  13. Laura Reply

    110# front squat & 3 rounds with a 10# WB.
    Got my first goal alot faster than I thought I would! Did a kipping pull-up today!

  14. Anonymous Reply

    Chris J

    4 rounds even, linked T2B have been elusive for me. Some days I have them, sometimes I don’t!

    SMART Goals! (strategy)

    1: Gain 5lbs (Current weight 177.6 Goal weight 182.5 EAT EAT EAT!)

    2: Get first muscle-up, then link them (pullups and ringwork 2-3 times per week, heavy weighted dips and bulletproof shoulders same frequency)

    3: Handstand walk the length of the black mat ( practice walking on hands and HSPU Tue Thurs)

    4: Get linked DU’s!!! ( practice with rope Sun Mon Wed Fri)

    Let’s do it!

  15. Mark Lee Reply

    Glad to hear that was a PR Andy!

    Good job Laura! Next stop 5 in a row!

    I like it Judkins- Get after it!

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