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November 16, 2012
Burpee Pull Up

CrossFit Cape Cod Workout Of The Day

1 Rep Max Jerk

Followed By 3 Rounds Of

AMRAP 5 Minutes

5 Hand Stand Push Ups
10 Pistols
1 Rope Climb

Rest 3:00 Between Rounds

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  1. Greg B. Reply

    Inspiring video – nothing is impossible.

  2. Annmarie Reply

    Great class with Amanda this morning! SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good to see her (until she started the warm up with burpee broad jumps lol j/k) 10 rounds

  3. Michael Reply

    WHAT Amanda the warm up queen with the good music was in and i missed it???

  4. sarah lee Reply

    Jerk- 130

    7 rounds plus 5 HSPU. I so wish I could do this rxd. Used the ledge for HSPU and did pistols to a small box. It’s the best I’ve ever done on them so I’m happy! Great 9:30 class!

  5. Erin Meagher Reply

    So great to see Amanda!
    jerk – 125! not my pr….was soooo close to 135 but couldnt get my legs back together!!!

    9 rounds – pistols with box, HSPU on ledge.

  6. Anonymous Reply

    Kurt M
    205 Jerk
    1 round 15 Hspu’s, 3rope climbs, 30 pistols
    I aggravated a pulled muscle in my bicep and couldn’t continue! I am so pissed.

  7. Sarah Sprague Reply

    90# jerk. 8 rounds of hspu’s on the ledge, small box L sits, 7 knees 2 elbows instead of rope climb. Fun workout. Thanks Traci, was fun working together. Rest the arm Kurt!

  8. Brendan Reply

    185# jerk….and then I did 12 rounds of hspu, pistols onto a medicine ball, and rope climb….good workout and I felt strong through part b…the jerk will take some practice to really get under it….I’d like to see 200lbs soon.

  9. Mark Lee Reply

    Jerked 255 last week but stopped at 215 today because shoulder was feeling tweaky. Got 9 rounds on the metcon, scaled the pistols with a counter weight ad plate under my heel. Getting better…

  10. Anonymous Reply

    255# jerk (10# PR)
    10 rounds- HSPU w/ 1 abmat, pistols w/ rack as balance, K2E


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