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February 08, 2013
Speal 2009 Games
Crossfit Cape Cod Workout Of The Day

5 Rounds Rest As Needed

2 Rep Max Sumo Stance Deadlift
Max Strict Pull Ups

We Will Announce Any Schedule Changes That Occur If The Weather Gets Really Bad-Otherwise It’s Business As Usual!

Join Us Saturday (Hopefully) When We Announce The Winners Of Nutrition Challenge 1.0. If You Have Not Reported Your Info To Us Yet Please Do So By Friday At 5pm.
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  1. brendan Reply

    275….and 56 pull ups….nice change of pace

  2. Anonymous Reply

    Kurt M
    315 SDL with less than acceptable form!
    50 dead hang pull-ups!

  3. Christina S. Reply

    Hello…I have not given my results yet and I am off cape until Monday due to the weather. Can I email what I need to? Stay safe all!

    • Mark Lee Reply

      Yes Christina please do!

      So far Friday evening classes are on!!!

  4. Anonymous Reply

    SDL 225,235,235,235,235

    Strict pull-ups 4,6,6,6,5 the last 4 set in a purple band overhand. Really need more work on those!

    P.S. Adam did you know Mark used to carry a Murse? Ask Nettie about the time someone “STOLE” it.


  5. Nettie Reply

    hahahaha- I still remember the phone call when it was recovered

  6. Jennifer Grace Reply

    So there’s a ban after 4 to be on the road and includes a fine 🙁 looks like I’ll be making up my own nemo WOD….thoughts on 200 double unders, 100 sit-ups and 50 push ups?

  7. raul Reply

    any updates on this afternoon’s classes? i am aware of the driving ban after 4… that won’t stop me from getting to CCC, i live a mile away and can run/jog there.

  8. Anonymous Reply

    I choose civil disobedience and a four wheel drive, see you at 3:3:0


  9. Erin Meagher Reply

    Glad I went this morning!
    Think I did 165- and many different versions of strict pullups which mark pointed out to me weren’t really strict. I think I’m so used to Kipping that I do it a little without realizing ( I think because it’s easier) have to work on those!!!

  10. Mark Lee Reply

    Don’t feel Bad Erin, you did a great job!!!

  11. Amy Squeglia Reply

    I remember Mark’s murse! I also remember when he lost his wallet for days and it showed up in the girls playhouse…

  12. Mark Lee Reply

    Just lost my credit card for a week, found it in the back of the wagon!?

  13. Anonymous Reply

    No Amy he lost his wallet for year and it showed up in his golf bag… The Murse showed up in the club house… When he lost my credit card it showed up in his ice hockey bag a few days later.

  14. Christina Reply

    Hi Mark and Sara,

    I emailed my info to crossfitintro@gmail.com because that is the only email address I have. Hopefully, you guys get it. Sorry it is late.

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