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February 22, 2013
CrossFit Cape Cod Workout Of The Day
10 Sets Increasing Weight
Weighted Pull Up Rest :45 seconds Between Sets
1 Set Max Reps With 50% Of Best Set
Followed By
4 Rounds For Time
Run 200m
10 Box Jumps Up And Over 24/20
10 Plate Ground To Over Head 45/25
Followed By
Accessory Work
3 Rounds Not For Time
10 Strict Ring Rows
10 Each Side Lying Rotator Cuff
15 Band Pull Aparts Red/Purple
The One Foot WODDER-No Excuses 
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  1. Amy Kbaum Reply

    Shanna, you are awesome!

  2. mason Reply

    Agreed Amy! Shanna, the Super Woman Woddet!
    It’s great to watch your determination and how you power through the movements!

  3. Erin Meagher Reply

    One legged burpees! Love it! Go shanna!

  4. Shanna Reply

    Thanks guys 🙂 slowly coming back

  5. Anonymous Reply

    Kurt M
    A. 88 lbs weighted pull-up
    B. 6:49 Rx’d
    Brendan and Derek were pushing a blistering pace! Thanks guys!!!!

  6. Bushy Reply

    shana’s sccooter is the best! bryce – get those tassles back on there!

  7. Anonymous Reply

    9:09 Rx 1 rep max pull up with purple band x 10. 2 purple bands did 5 pu. Then 52 weighted situps (20#) and 48 with (15#) Great 9:30 class! -Sabra

  8. Jack Reply

    Sabra kicked my butt on the weighted sit-ups!!! 8:48 RX, felt great but I learned that catching you toes on the corner of the box while jumping, is NOT a good thing. 🙂

    • Etta Reply

      Always a good job right here. Keep rolling on thouhgr.

  9. Shanna Reply

    Fun wod! I did 30# weighted pull ups, 11:12 on wod rowed 250 meters , one legs cartwheel type over box and 25 lb weight overhead

  10. Anonymous Reply

    (1) 100# max weighted pullups x 2 reps. Then 45# for 7 reps at end.

    (2) WOD RX 7:28 (including a sweet wipeout on box-jumps…)

    — Adam

  11. Andy M. Reply

    A. 55# for 1 rep and 20# x4

    B. 7:28 Rx

  12. mason Reply

    20# on weighted pull-up
    7:33 24″ box
    Great job everyone!

  13. Lovie Reply

    j’aime bien cette article ainsi que le post sur fts sur l&qrtuo;atsraction comme quoi le plus important c’est être sexué thanks

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