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June 14, 2013
CrossFit Cape Cod Workout Of The Day

“The Big Day”
Teams of 2 or 3
Run 800
100 Overhead Squats* 75/55
At The Top Of Every Minute Every Team Member Does 3 Burpees
When You Complete The 100 Over Head Squats
Run 800

*If one of the Team Members can’t overhead squat the teams weight they can do an over head lunge in place. R & L leg = 1 rep.

This WOD is For Heather and Peter, may you always work together when life keeps interrupting you with burpees. Or as they say- when life knocks you down; do a burpee!

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  1. sarah lee Reply

    Congrats Heather and Peter! You will always have a box you can call home. Visit often and keep in touch!

  2. mason Reply

    Is the oh lunge with a plate??? Congrats Heather and Peter.

  3. sarah lee Reply

    There is daycare at 5:30 tonight!

  4. Amy Kbaum Reply

    Anyone interested in doing the salad club? Just checking again in case you did not see post on Wednesday.

  5. Mark Lee Reply

    The overhead lunge is with the same bar- teams use 1 bar

  6. Zach Reply

    Worked w/ Dave- slowed him down on the run just a bit
    16:32 Rx

    Worked on overhead squats after- 255# 1RM – 15# PR

    • sarah lee Reply

      Nice Zach!!!! That’s awesome!

  7. Elizabeth Miles Reply

    Congrats Heather and Peter!
    Fun wod, teamed up with Terry, I love OHS.

  8. Christopher Judkins Reply

    Super fun team wod. Teamed up with Dom and Bushy and we got 15:49. probably could have pushed the run a little harder but we were pretty chatty, casual friday.

  9. Shanna Reply

    Go get em !! Renee and amy 🙂

  10. Ann Reply

    Always enjoy team WODs, even with my not so favorite OHS.

  11. Ann Reply

    Congratulations to Heather and Peter. They’re married by now!

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