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July 12, 2013
CrossFit Cape Cod Workout Of The Day

On The Minute For 10 Minutes
1 Hang Power Snatch, 3 Over Head Squats For Max Load

Rest 3:00

10 Rounds On The :45 sec
1 Hang Clean To Thruster For Max Weight

Rest 3:00

Tabata Chest To Bar Pull Ups

9am Hope Crew! CrossFit Cape Cod Raised Over $1000.00 For St. Judes Childrens Hospital, Thank You To Everyone Who Showed Support!

Saturday 9-11am Special Event. Team WOD Biking, Running, Paddleboarding With CrossFit Movements At Each Transition! Join The Fun Rain Or Shine!
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  1. Erin Meagher Reply

    That was fun!
    75# on snatch/ OHS, switched to 65 on last two rounds because my wrist was doing something wierd!
    Added weight throughout hang clean/thruster up to 100#
    24?? On tabata chest to bar

  2. Ivy Reply

    I brought my overhead squat up to 55#, yay!!! I’m becoming less and less scared of things above my head lol

  3. Sarah Sprague Reply

    Snatch/ohs 35,45,55
    HC/thruster 45,55,65,70 pr:)
    31 ctb with red band
    That was fun!

  4. erica Reply

    Fun 6am class! Snatch/ohs 25,35,40,45 HC/thruster 35,45,50 PU red/blue 27?

  5. JoJo Mikolazyk Reply

    15# 5sq instead of 3, 15#, 7ctb(g&r) Just focusing on form with these positions… waiting for them to “click” in my head. Great energy in 9am class, loved it.

  6. Jodi Norton Reply

    35# for all reps so I can get my form down, starting to he hang of it I think. 40 chest to bars with blue and red bands. 2 points for last day of nutrition challenge. So bummed I won’t b able to make it tomorrow

  7. sarah lee Reply

    Did a few snatch/overhead at 65 then finished at 75

    Started the cleans/thruster at 65 and finished at 100.

    Great job this morning everyone!

  8. Amy Squeglia Reply

    I haven’t worked out yet, not sure if I will…I might just eat gummy bears all day…anywhoooo my point to this comment was to see if anyone was interested in me teaching some Active Recovery after the WOD tomorrow. I can teach on the paddle boards or in the box. No paddle experience needed. If interested could you e-mail or text me directly please. amysqueglia@comcast.net or 508-360-6032…..P.S. There will be a small fee for the class but the jell-o shots will be free!!

    • Erin Meagher Reply

      I’ll stay! It just depends how late the wod goes:)

  9. Kerida Rodriguez Reply

    Tues.1 pt. wed 2pts thurs 2pts fri 2pts.

  10. Kelly Cook Reply

    Did 55# for snatch/overhead squats. I had planned to go up in weight, but found I was struggling a bit, so didn’t want to push it and lose form. 60# on the hang clean/thruster. 21 pull ups with green and blue band. I definitely had trouble getting my chest to bar after a while. 2 points for challenge.

  11. sarah lee Reply

    Besides the Jell-O shots provided by the fairy (anyone new to c3 who has NO idea what I’m talking about will find out tomorrow) I’m making some snacks for after the wod to enjoy when we announce the paleo chalkenge winner. See you all tomorrow!

  12. mason Reply

    75# OHS pr for me. Did 3 squat cleans at 85#
    and 44 C2B pullups. Good wod.
    Nice job by everyone this afternoon.

  13. Mark Lee Reply

    1 point

  14. Christopher Judkins Reply

    Did benchmark #2 tonight, 2 points today…

    Benchmark #1: 17;25(initial)/15:45(final… guess i wrote it down wrong the other day according to mason)

    Benchmark #2:
    115 reps, runs were 1:44/1:55 ; 124 reps today, runs 1:23/1;45

    33 points total (counting was a pain in the but next time I am keeping a running tally on the blog so I only have to check the previous day lol)

  15. Tess Reply

    Not sure where we’re supposed to write our scores, but I did 19:23 and then 17:42 for benchmark 1 and 96 with 2:02 as my fastest run and then 101 with 1:57 as my fastest run for the second benchmark, only lost a few pounds but feel so much better when I’m eating paleo, I’m gonna stick with it and try to lose some more!

  16. Zach Reply

    175# – snatch/ohs
    205# – clean/thruster
    24 – CTBPU

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