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Friday 12/12/14

December 11, 2014

Remember to do your part and post times and comments to the comments section. As so many people pointed out in the blog’s absence, it is encouraging and serves as a way for the community to stay in touch and thrive. 



5 Rounds

3 Position Snatch

From The Hang

Above The Knee

From The Ground

Not For Time


3 Rounds For Time

15 Kettle Bell Swings 2/1.5

15 Burpees

Advanced Training


Bench Press 205/135

Power Clean 205/135

If the RX weight is too heavy use 70-80% 1rm

10 minute time cap. Don’t exceed the time cap.

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  1. Mark Reply

    Who wants to see a 30 day nutrition challenge starting January 12th?

  2. Kelly Cook Reply

    I do! I’m going for the win! Calling it now, haha!

  3. Christina Sotiros Reply

    Jan 12th? I’m in.

  4. Mark Reply

    A.T. Is actually 5 rounds of 5 reps

  5. Erin McGee Reply

    A. 60 x 3
    B. 6:00; 1 pood and preggo burpees (air squat to box push up)
    Always a fun 5:30a class!

  6. pauls Reply

    45# snatch, 6:22, 1 pd
    Felt really tired after yesterday so snatches were light and not all that great.

  7. JoJo Reply

    35#, 6:06 great energy at 9:30!

  8. Erin Meagher Reply

    75# Snatch
    6:12 rx

  9. Jeanie Beanie Reply

    Fine. If I have to

  10. Sarah Lee Reply

    75 pounds.
    5:50 Rx.

  11. Bushy Reply

    I wasn’t there, so this is really hearsay, but I understand that Socrates never wrote anything down, just memorized and recited at will (totally gangster). He apparently believed that as soon as you start to write stuff down, you lose the ability to remember it, so Plato just wrote all his stuff down for him (also totally gangster). What was I saying? Oh, well, everytime I finish a wod I write it down on the board immediately and then… sometimes I forget.

    105 / 4:34?
    AT w/ Amanda – nice job on those BP!

    I’m in for 1/12 Challenge – and I hope to take Kelly’s $

    Happy Friday everyone!

  12. Amanda Reply

    85# snatch/ 4:24 rx
    Thanks Jamin for extra help on snatch and to bushy for pushing me through AT:)

  13. Chris Massi Reply

    95# successfully 115 for the hang and knees couldn’t get the third.
    7:08 rx that 2 pood is killer!

  14. Mase Reply

    5:59 rx haven’t swung that 1.5 in awhile
    65# split snatch to save shoulder
    AT- 65 bp 115 clean they got ugly, shoulders were smoked
    Then Allan had the bright idea of flight test… Did it in 7:53
    Nice work Allan and Jamin adding strict pull-ups to their flight test.
    I did 15 strict after.

  15. Kelly Cook Reply

    65# snatch. 7:02 Rx. Bushy, Socrates said that I’m keeping my money.

  16. Bushy Reply

    But Plato wrote that Im takin it.

  17. Caroline Dewechter Reply

    I’m in for the nutrition challenge!

  18. Kevin M Reply

    6:25 rx 105 snatch no squat

  19. JoJo Reply

    Socrates also said that all of his auxiliarie guardians be fed black bean soup night and day as to stay sharp and not get soft. Aristotle rebuttled and said this would never satisfy an army but be too cheap and miserly causing them to rebel.
    Just some footnotes for ya’llses nutrition challenge.

  20. Christina Sotiros Reply

    35# snatch. Always a tough movement for me.

    1 PD, 6:13

  21. Mark Reply

    No one would ever have heard of those guys if Bill and Ted didn’t bring them to San Demas High School for a live history report. (So Crates)

    B. 4:38rx

    Fun seeing the crew from 5:30am! Also nice to meet Jill at 6:30!

  22. Erin Meagher Reply

    Woah. I didn’t realize advanced training was now referred to as AT. Fancy.

  23. Kelly Cook Reply

    Mark, did you have to google the name of Bill and Ted’s high school, or was that just in the knowledge bank? If so, I’m impressed.

  24. Allan Reply

    A. 175# cmpx, 185# lost grip to low hang.
    B. 3:36 Rx
    C Done. …..good times great night!!

  25. Mark Reply

    In the bank, you might fact check me though. Also I am a well of useless movie trivia.

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