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Friday 11/28/14

November 25, 2014


100 Air Squats

4 Rope Climbs

75 Air Squats

3 Rope Climbs

50 Air Squats

2 Rope Climbs

25 Air Squats

1 Rope Climbs

Advanced Training

Do Legless Rope Climbs During The WOD

Followed By

Super Sets



Bench Press


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  1. Terry OBrien Reply

    13:43 RX

  2. Kelly Cook Reply

    17:39 Rx, I could not have done one more rope climb if somebody offered me a billion dollars.

  3. Erin Meagher Reply

    17:55-rx I hear ya Kelly! I had to lug a couple pounds of mashed potatoes up the rope today and that made it harder!!!
    Nice Terry!!

  4. Mark Reply

    Wish I was there with my C3 fam, we did 50 Burpee Box Jumps and 50 SquatCleans this morning at the local box. Pretty rough!

  5. Bushy Reply

    Traci was kind enough to put us through a workout this afternoon.
    She was not kind enought to not kick my a$$ though.
    11:00 Rx for her
    11:50 Rx for him

  6. Christina Sotiros Reply

    My legs were shaking hard through the last 75-100 squats. Loved climbing those rooes today, though. 17:03 RX

  7. Allan Fleck Reply

    A. 11:01 5 LLRC, 5 reg
    B. 365#dl, 265#bp x3

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