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Final Day!!!

June 03, 2014
Post Results For The Final Day Of The Challenge And Your Final Results! If You Were Not Able To Do The Benchmark WOD Today, Please Do It Tomorrow. The Winner Will Be Announced On Friday!
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  1. Bill G Reply

    B- 2 hard boiled eggs, ~5oz strawberries
    L- salad w/ spring mix/spinach, tomatoes, cucs, ~3oz smoked turkey w/ balsamic vinegar
    S- ~2oz smoked turkey, handful of grape tomatoes, pear
    Post WOD- 8oz coconut water w/ 1 scoop vanilla protein powder
    D- curry w/ ~5oz chicken, ~2oz coconut milk, onion, bell pepper, zucchini, yellow squash, asparagus, mushroom, spices
    S- larabar, ~3oz watermelon
    water- check

    Re-test WOD-
    7:37 vs. 8:01
    34 pull ups vs. 25 (both w/ blue band)
    33 box jumps vs. 32
    28 burpees vs. 25
    8:10 vs. 8:31

    Lost 5 inches of waist, Lost 4.5 inches off hips w/ feet together, lost 1.5 inches off upper leg, lost 1 inch off bicep

    Stayed strict paleo the whole time and got my water in everyday so 58 out of 58 points (29 days right?)

    Lost 22.4 lbs

    Have before/after pics on my phone.

    I think that’s everything, let me know if I left out anything.

    Thanks again for all the guidance Mark and Sarah. Everyone else, thanks a lot on the tough days it definitely helped to know I wasn’t doing this alone.

    • Bill G Reply

      So I weighed myself again this morning because I’ve always heard you weigh less in the morning so I was curious. I was down another 3.2 lbs so I went over 25lbs lost during the challenge!

    • Kevin Medeiros Reply

      So I re-weighed myself this morning and low and behold I lost an additional 15lbs:-) Just kidding. Nicely done Bill. That’s some really impressive weight loss.

    • Bill G Reply

      Hahaha. Thanks Kevin.

    • Erin Meagher Reply

      Congrats bill!!

    • Bill G Reply

      Thanks Erin!

  2. Ann Massi Reply

    Wow Bill!!! That’s awesome. Great job

    • Bill G Reply

      Thanks Ann. I”m really happy with my results.

  3. Kevin Medeiros Reply

    Whey protein
    Green tea
    Breakfast: 2 eggs and bacon
    Snack – larabar
    Lunch – London broil over mixed greens, dried cranberries, almonds
    Snack – almonds
    Dinner – ham sliced and asparagus
    Water mark hit

    Totals: starting measurements in ( )
    Waist 39″ (42″)
    Upper leg (25″) 27″
    Upper arm 15″ (15″)
    Hips 39″ (40″)
    Weight: 207 (218)
    Lost 11 lbs which I’m happy with. I have now lost 43 lbs since starting in January.

    54 points – I was pretty good the whole month, but did have a few drinks a long the way and a frozen yogurt on Memorial Day with the kids, but I recorded everyday.

    8:28 (8:58 on 5/6)
    Pull ups 29 r/g (21 on 5/6)
    Box 33 (32 on 5/6)
    Burpees 24 (26 on 5/6)
    8:47 (8:56 on 5/6)

    PR’s on everything except burpees. Fighting some crazy head congestion/allergies and I felt like I was going to pass out every time I did a burpee, so I’m happy only being off by 2 from last time.

    Great experience overall.

  4. Ann Massi Reply

    Kevin, you did awesome also. Especially with everything you had going on!!!

  5. Erin Meagher Reply

    You too Kevin! Nice work!

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