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Due To The Weather The 6:30 am is Cancelled

February 11, 2010



Squat 3×5 (add 5lbs to last workout)
Press 3×5

Followed By

10 Meter Tabata (20:10×8)

Rest 1:00

18, 12, 6
Deadlifts 225/155
Toes To Bar

Rest 1 Minute

10 Meter Tabata (20:10×8)

Score time and laps in tabata

Answers to all your running certification questions here.

Thank You Traci for digging this info up-very relevant in light of yesterdays video…
Hey Mark,

I looked up whether sparkling water was as hydrating as flat, it seems like it is just as good for you as flat water.

I have been wondering lately if sparkling water is harmful or beneficial, since it is just water with CO2 added to it to make it carbonated. Lucky for me the Times reports that it is not only equally hydrating as flat water but that it can also keep calcium locked in the bones.
So drink up! A little splash of “bubbly” water is good for you. It might even help relieve your upset stomach.
Fit’s Tip: You should avoid Club Soda though. It has lots of sodium added to it in an attempt to recreate the taste of homemade seltzer from the good old

And that was just one of the many articles that I read saying that seltzer with no additives is equally as hydrating as regular water. Yay!

Inspirational Story From Lauren W-Thanks Lauren!

Thanks for all the help tonight ladies!

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