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Day 90 Of The Plaeo Challenge!!!

February 27, 2011
Drew and Jane threw out all of their ‘Fat Clothes’ Now there is no going back!

The Paleo Challenge was a huge success for so many of you! There were pounds shed-and pr’s smashed! Congratulations to those of you that made it all 90 Dyas! For every one that participated it had a positive effect on your health, habits, and lifestyle and that makes it all worth it.
Starting tomorrow we will be doing weigh-ins. Try to weigh-in and have your measurements taken at the same time of day that you did the first time.

Please submit before and after photos to Myself or Sarah by Friday.

Please Submit your food tracking journals for the Paleo Challenge to us for review by Friday.

We will announce the results at the party March 12th at 6:00pm



Paloe Challenge Bench Mark 1. 3 Sets of Strict Pull Ups For Max Reps

Paleo Bench Mark 2. Amrap 12 Minutes 6 Burpees, 8 Wall Balls, 10 Box Jumps

Mobility WOD

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  1. sarah lee Reply

    Tom. Mark posted it Wednesday.

  2. Bushy Reply

    challenge reflections:

    i totally unraveled in the last couple weeks. wish i weighed in 10 days ago.

    i did establish a routine of taking fish oil and vitamin d every day so i guess thats good.

    i think i look a little better in my batman underwear.

    did the hyannis 1/2 marathon today and set a 10 minute PR. just did cf for training in addition to a long run on sunday and im sure challenge had something to do with that.

  3. Drew Reply

    That was more a pile of Drew fat clothes along with clothes that didn’t fit Jane anymore.

  4. Greg B. Reply

    My Paleo Challenge Recap:

    -90 days without cheating
    -completed 63 of 64 WOD’s (went skiing one day)
    -weight – lost about 13 lbs (7.5%)
    -PR on just about everything
    -learned to tolerate fish oil
    -ate approximately 26 jars of almond butter

    But….would I do it again? Sure thing. I doubt I will really stop other than not freaking out if there is a little sugar buried somewhere in my bacon and I will probably enjoy some tortilla chips and salsa every once in a while. Oh, and I am gonna eat some ice cream on occasion for sure.

    Congratulations to everyone who took part, whether you finished or not it was a learning experience well worth it.

  5. ErinM Reply

    Cannot believe it is the last day of the challenge!!! It has truly been life changing for me- not just the weight loss- I just feel happier and more energized altogether! I honestly think the only thing i might go back to is cream in my coffee- I am not a fan of the coconut milk thing! I have noticed a difference in almost all of my workouts and feel stronger. I too have thrown away my fat clothes- no turning back! Thank you Mark and Sarah for putting this together!

  6. Jane Reply

    Wow! we really did it, 90 days of paleo! I have to say it has really become a habit. drew and I are planning on staying paleo, with the occasional cheat. I might add a little dairy back into my diet, and see how it goes, but I have noticed a big improvement in my energy level which I’m not willing to give up. who knew that at the end of this, sugar would have so little appeal? it’s amazing! Congratulations to everyone for making it through!

  7. Drew Reply

    Day 90. Wow. Been keeping track not only of every bite of food I’ve eaten for the last 90 days but also…

    10. I can’t even talk to you cause I don’t recognize your face.
    9. Where the hell did you go? … You look kinda sexy now (spoken with amazement from a guy friend who had not seen me in 2 years)
    8. When you stepped out I thought somebody had borrowed your truck, then I realized it was you…holy crap!
    7. I’m taking away you fat kid card.
    6. Wow, you’re like half of you.
    5. You haven’t lost weight, you’ve lost years.
    4. You look like you did when I met you 17 years ago.
    3. It’s like looking at you in a fun house mirror.
    2. (while getting hug) Wow, i can fit my arms all the way around you!
    1. Sorry, didn’t recognize you sitting there (from Jane as she walked by me in a food court)

    Thanks for everyones support and kindness throughout the challenge. It has changed my life.

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