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Day 4 5/8/14

May 09, 2014
Shepherds Pie 

42 Blocks Protein 

42 Blocks Fat
21 Blocks Carb

For the “Potatoes”
20 cups chopped Cauliflower- 10 Block C
5 cloves garlic
2 cups chicken stock
salt and pepper
2 TBS plus 2 tsp of grass fed butter- 24 Block F


2 TBS olive oil- 18 Blocks F
2 cups diced onions- 3 Blocks C
1 cup diced celery- 1/2 Block C
1 1/2 cups diced carrots- 3 Blocks C

1/4 cup plus 2 TBS tomato paste 3 Blocks C
1/2 cup chestnut flour 4 blocks C
1/2 cup chicken stock

4 pounds of ground meat. I used 1/2 dark, 1/2 white turkey breast fresh ground from Whole Foods. 42 Blocks P

Combine cauliflower, chicken stock and a generous amount of salt in a big pot. Cook on low stirring often to make sure it doesn’t burn. When it is soft and very tender drain in a colander for a few minutes to make sure all the extra water and moisture drains out. While draining add butter and diced garlic to pot. As soon as the garlic starts to cook remove from heat. Puree garlic butter and cauliflower in batches until it is thick and creamy.

Once the cauliflower starts cooking get a big dutch oven smoking hot. Add oil. Once hot add onions, celery, salt and pepper. Cook on medium stirring often until the veggies turn soft. Add carrots. Continue cooking for 3 minutes or until the carrots start to soften. Add burger and salt and pepper. Keep breaking up the meat as it cooks so it doesn’t taste like boiled meat. When it is about 75 percent cooked add the tomato paste, chestnut flour, and chicken stock. Stir until cooked and a thick gravy has formed. Salt and pepper to taste.

Divide meat between 2 large casserole dishes. Top it off with your Cauliflower potatoes. Bake at 350 for 30 minutes or until hot and bubbly.

How you are feeling, hungry, tired, cranky? Satisfied, energetic and happy? Tell us in the comments! 

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  1. Ann Massi Reply

    Today I feel hungrier than usual but have good energy
    Post workout protein shake
    Breakfast paleo cereal with blueberries
    Lunch coconut curry chicken soup and a mixed green salad with Tomato cukes peppers and celery
    Snack a banana and some almonds
    Dinner hamburg tomato peppers and onions with 1/2 sweet potato
    Then I are a pint of blueberries and a Lara bar :-). I could keep eating today but lucky for me I’m running out of food!

  2. Ann Massi Reply

    And I had 88 oz water 8oz cocnut water and 10 oz tea. And at least 15 minutes mobility

  3. Bill G Reply

    B- same smoothie, 2 hard boiled eggs and 2 ~2oz sausage (ground turkey, apple, onion, spices)
    L- same salad (~3oz of turkey on it)
    S- ~4oz strawberries, 2 sausages (same as above) and ~1oz mixed raw almonds/cashews
    Post WOD- ~8oz coconut water and 1 scoop protein powder
    D- ~4oz flounder w/ dry spices and mix of veggies sauteed in ~2 tsp olive oil (onion, bell pepper, asparagus, zucchini, yellow squash, mushroom)

  4. matt r Reply

    water yep
    breakfast turkey slices, few strawberries, handful pistachios, black iced coffee
    skipped snack
    lunch garden salad & banana whey protein shake
    snack apple with almond butter
    dinner steak tips, carrots, corn, avocado
    snack pistachios, bacon jerky

    pretty hungry, need to shop & buy fresh vegetables & more lean meats

    • sarah lee Reply

      You must be starving. Let’s make a meal plan. Call me.

    • matt r Reply

      hey sarah, i’ve become a human lounge chair lately so i probably don’t need to eat much anyway, will harass ya for meal planning advice soon…although the whole blog is one big list of paleo meals anyway right? my biggest problem is my own laziness (which is one of my few special talents) ..take er ez

  5. Kevin Medeiros Reply

    Breakfast: 2 eggs, Strawberries, blueberries, grapes, banana
    Green tea black
    Snack: banana
    Lunch: Mixed greens, line and herb chicken and peppers from the night before, sliced almonds, and dry cranberries.
    Whey shake with 8oz water after WOD
    Dinner: Peppercorn grilled sirloin, baby spinach, dried cherries, shallots. Side of asparagus.
    Water mark hit
    Using what I have on hand to make meals. I need to plan out a good shopping list for next week.
    Not feeling too bad energy wise and the hunger is controllable. It helps drinking all this water. Although I have to go to the bathroom a lot more:-)

    • sarah lee Reply

      I would love to talk and help you make a shopping list. Are you In tomorrow?

    • Kevin Medeiros Reply

      No I work and I usually take Sat & Sun off.

  6. Carol G. Reply

    Dinner spaghetti squash
    Snack fresh pine apples
    Lunch snap peas guacamole beef jerky
    Mixed nuts clementine
    Breakfast left over dinner from last night w salami minus 12 oz all water in

    Felt like a minter sweet tooth today!!! Did not cheat felt super tired I actually had a cup of black coffee …. That’s it nothing in it! Felt moody too. ( but that may not have anything to do with the challenge :). )

    • sarah lee Reply

      Only spaghetti squash for dinner? It doesn’t seem like you ate enough today:( you must be hungry!

  7. HaleyDawn Reply

    Today I just want to eat everything but I controlled myself.
    1pt for water
    breakfast- for some reason nothing sounded good so i just had a hard boiled egg, a piece of bacon and strawberries and half a banana
    post WOD- chocolate egg protein powder mixed with coconut water- Mark it totally tastes like a yoohoo!
    lunch- 2 or 3 slices of ham with red and yellow bell peppers dipped in hummus (I know not paleo but I have to get rid of it) and some olive tapenade
    snack- chocolate paleo crunch from paleo naturals. sooo good
    Dinner- Taco salad- taco meat with home made seasoning, shredded lettuce and home made guac.

  8. Christopher Tufts Reply

    Got my water point!
    food on the other hand…
    I did fine for Breakfast, 3 Eggs, 3 Bacon, 1 Apple (or other piece of Fruit)
    Lunch is where it really broke down I foolishly assumed that the retirement party that was going on at lunch would have something that I could eat. I did my best and had Salad, a second Salad (that had a little bit of sugar and Feta, but did have Walnuts!) and had to have something else and had two small pepperoni Stromboli. I managed to stay away from the cake but had a chocolate covered strawberry (hey at least it was a strawberry!)
    Dinner was mounted right back in to the saddle with a paleo Taco meat with tons of lettuce some onion and Guac. I finished the day with a banana.

    I have had a constant dull headache for about 3 days, and really have had a tough time with my foot (I believe it’s plantar fasciitis…) I have been really trying to keep it stretched. Any of you that share my position at a desk all day, understand how hard THAT can be… Other than those two things I have been alright and in relatively good spirits HEY! TGIF right?

    I will be doing the test WOD tomorrow!

    • Kevin Medeiros Reply

      I bring a lacrosse ball and roll it around the bottom of my foot at work. Seems to help a little.

  9. Bushy Reply

    This is day 5 right? Haha.
    B- Paleo Chili, Apple Sauce
    L- Chef Salad (no cheese), Larabar
    S- Banana
    D- Eggs and more Chili***
    Water – I have it in the bag, but i’m subbing my last 8 ounces for Espolon
    so, 2 points so far, but depending on what happens when the kids go to bed it may be a big ZERO – i’ll keep you posted.
    *** traci has gotten so good at making paleo chili over the years, i would have it 3 times a day if it were socially acceptable…

    • sarah lee Reply

      The chili sounds great. Just snack on raw veggies all day. I’m worried about your stomach…

  10. Mark Lee Reply

    The comments are dwindling..who will last all 4 weeks!

  11. Shannah Jaburek Reply

    Went to sleep at 6:30 am so my food was a bit messed up…I’m too old for all nighters…lol
    B-1/2 cup chocolate paleo cereal and unsweetened vanilla almond milk
    Lunch was a scrambled egg with salsa
    Drove to a BBQ which I could eat nothing at so I had a fruit cup and about 4oz of cashews on my drive home
    I did get all of my water in (64oz)!!!

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