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Day 24 5/28/14

May 29, 2014
The challenge ends on Monday!
Get ready to retest the benchmark WOD, weigh out etc. and submit total scores!

Post results to comments.

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  1. Bill G Reply

    B- smoothie (almond milk, almond butter, banana), larabar
    L- salad w/ spring mix/spinach, tomatoes, cucs, 1/2 an avocado, 1 hard boiled egg, ~3oz smoked turkey w/ paleo Italian dressing
    S- pear, ~3oz smoked turkey, ~1oz mixed raw almond/cashews
    Post WOD- 8 oz coconut water w/ 1 scoop vanilla protein powder
    D- ground turkey meatballs w/ mushroom, onion, zucchini cooked in coconut aminos ~1/2tsp of raw honey and spices

  2. Ann Massi Reply

    Paleo cereal with blueberries. Failed to have more protein and was hungry 2 hours later and grab some carrots.
    L – salad of lettuce, tomato, cukes, peppers, apes, celery , avacado and grilled chicken
    S- lara bar
    D- chicken sausage, grilled peppers and sweet potato

  3. Carol G. Reply

    Banana strawberry smoothie w almond milk. Protein
    Black coffee w pure honey (who am I!?) -only
    Lunch meat (kinda a lot) apple sauce
    Mixed veggies chicken
    Chicken w cauliflower
    Water check

  4. Kevin Medeiros Reply

    Whey protein with water post WOD
    Breakfast – 3 eggs, bacon, and fruit
    Snack – banana
    Lunch – ham slices, peppers, and avocado
    Dinner – Not feeling great (I think I have a cold) so I just had a small salad with some chicken (mixed greens, dried cranberries, and almonds)
    Water mark hit. I drank a ton today.

  5. sarah lee Reply

    Nice job everyone!

  6. matt r Reply

    water in
    sausage, eggs, avocado, coffee
    chicken cobb with avocado salad, tomato soup
    sausage, avocado, peppers

    last entry for me, just want to thank Mark & Sarah for the push & all the posters on the blog for all the meal planning info, challenge was very helpful in motivating me to clean up my nutrition & I plan to stick with it. Lost 9lbs (197 start to 188 this am) during last 3 weeks, sleeping better, & improved energy too, & very grateful for all of it. Take er easy all.

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