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Day 20 5/24/14

May 25, 2014
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  1. Bill G Reply

    Post WOD- 8 oz coconut milk with 1 scoop vanilla protein powder
    All other food- was at an engagement party basically all day so was just eating whatever paleo friendly snacks they had (basically veggie platter w/ a dip that was paleo mayo base, fruit and lunch meats of various varieties). Not the best nutrition day by any means but I didn’t cave on the sweets and other food that were quite tempting so that’s good I guess.

  2. Kevin Medeiros Reply

    Breakfast – 2 eggs and bacon, strawberries
    Snack – larabar
    Lunch – mixed greens, almonds, dried cranberries, sliced ham
    Snack – banana
    Dinner – Seasoned ground hamburger over romaine with sautéed peppers
    Beat back temptation – there was meatball calzones and pizza at work today for everyone, but I was good and ate my salad and ham.
    Water mark hit

  3. Ann Massi Reply

    B-paleo pumpkin pancakes with maple syrup
    L- coconut curry chicken soup
    S- carrots, blueberries and a Lara bar
    D- hamburg and salad of lettuce, tomato, cucumber, strawberries , grapes, apple and pepper. No dressing
    All water in

  4. Carol G. Reply

    Today I started w eggs chorizo/ did chicken w onions peppers nuts salad. Lara bar. Nuts. …….bad planning led to movie date w hubby before dinner and I lost my point to movie nachos and movie snack. And then Chinese for dinner….. Posting on Sunday morning and I feel like crap! Back on this morning gonna get this crap out of my body! Love Paleo!

  5. matt r Reply

    water check
    eggs, sausage, salsa, avocado
    leftover sausage & guac late afternoon
    beef jerky, pistachios
    appetite poor, fighting something off

    • Mark Lee Reply

      Sorry to hear that buddy. Hope you get out to enjoy the weather tomorrow.

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