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Day 14 End of Week 2!!! 5/18/14

May 19, 2014
Nutrition is the foundation for all of your athletic goals. The better our food is the better our bodies are. The reverse is also true.

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  1. Bill G Reply

    Still wasn’t 100% today.
    B- banana
    L- pear
    D- ~6oz steak w/ onion and mushrooms sauteed in olive oil
    water mark hit

  2. Kevin Medeiros Reply

    3 mile run “forward” slow and easy this morning. Thought about doing the WOD today for about 2 seconds and then realized I would probably trip and fall and be laid up for 6 months
    Whey protein with water after run
    Breakfast – 3 eggs, bacon, fruit
    Green tea black
    Linner – baby back ribs with a sweet potato.
    I may or may not have had a couple of spoonfuls of my wife’s fried ice cream:-)
    Snack – almonds and cranberries
    Plenty of water on this warm day.

  3. Ann Massi Reply

    B- paleo pumpkin pancakes with maple syrup
    L- apple, peppers and a Lara bar ( went shopping with friends that said we couldn’t stop for lunch so it is what I had that I could grab on the run)
    D- hamburger no bun with tomato lettuce avacado and paleo ketchup. Grilled zucchini and peppers and salad
    S- pineapple and almonds

  4. matt r Reply

    water check
    sausage, mushroom, avocado omelette, coffee
    banana, lara bar
    ham slices, guac dip, carrots
    spaghetti squash, zucchini, sausage, tomatoes

    • Mark Lee Reply

      Pretty good job, getting some veggies in, and eating enough. Keep it up!

  5. Carol G. Reply

    Spinach onion bacon omelet coffee w hinny
    Two burgers cukes guacamole mixed vehggies
    Grilled chicken mixed veggies
    Mixed nuts as snacks all water

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