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CrossFit Cape Cod Wednesday September 16th

September 15, 2015


 I think we are so blessed to have some really great people visit our box on a regular basis! John and Anastasia are certainly among them.

CrossFit Cape Cod WOD


AMRAP 7 Minutes

7 Kettlebell Swings 2/1.5

7 Burpees


Back Squat



Max Strict Handstand Push Ups In 3 Sets, Rest 3:00 Between Sets

Rest 3:00 And Do Max Kipping Handstand Push Ups In 3 Sets, Rest 3:00 Between Sets

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  1. Erin Meagher Reply

    Great picture Antastasia! Strong lady!
    6 + 5 RX
    165 (3) 175
    Great job on that PR Hatch:)

    • Erin Meagher Reply

      Anastasia? That’s hard to spell:)

  2. Lori Neviackas Reply

    7 rounds (i think), 1PD
    95, 115, 125, 125, 135(pr)

    • Justin Neviackas Reply

      Damn. My wife is getting strong!

  3. Justin Neviackas Reply

    9+6 rounds rx. 275 for 2 sets of 3. Did most of the AT but Amy distracted me and I lost my mojo to finish the last set.

    • Sarah Lee Reply

      I recommend that when Amy speaks, we all listen:)

    • jmiles Reply

      Dang dude

  4. Mark Reply

    Big groups, lots of new faces! Good energy at the box this morning!

  5. Kristin Reply

    6 plus 7 RX, 145 (3) 155 (1). 7reps x 3 sets strict hspu 10lb plate and a mat, then practiced the kip for a bit.

  6. Terry Reply

    7 rnds + 11 RX
    145,155,175,185. 190 x 1

  7. Sarah Lee Reply

    7 plus 2 RX.
    Stayed light on squats again. My back doesn’t like them.

    Congrats Liz on your HUGE PR!

    • Liz Reply

      thank you! 🙂 thanks for the push! I needed it. I wouldn’t have gone that heavy if you hadn’t told me too haha

  8. jmiles Reply

    8+10 RX
    275 on Back squats

  9. Kevin Medeiros Reply

    A: 6 + 3 KB RX
    B: 385# x 3

  10. Hatch Reply

    7×7 rounds by the skin of my teeth RX

    Back squat PR For me 175#. Woot!

    Thanks 5:30 am for the push!

    • Hatch Reply

      Wait. I used the yellow bell! That was not the RX weight! Sorry!

    • Kevin Medeiros Reply

      Nice job Hatch!

  11. Tyler Reply

    9+2/275/20&16 (i need to figure out these kipping hspu)

    Double under flight: 3:48. Finally cracked 4:00!

  12. Mark Reply

    Great day at the Box! People were bringing it today!
    Still feeling a little worked from the comp this past weekend and the team series so I used the 1.5kb 9 rounds even. Did 225 on the squats for all 5 sets and just hit some sets on the HSPU. Needed a workout, but needed to pace myself. Glad I stayed and worked out with the 5:30, and great to see all the 6:30 crew and OLY Lifting faithful!

  13. Liz Reply

    6+11 with 1 pood
    155 x 3, 165 x 1 for a new 1 rep max 🙂 would have kept going but my legs were jelly

  14. Frank Heffelfinger Reply

    7+11 1.5 pood

    Back squat

    Worked on some kipping HSPUs

    Thanks for letting me hang with you on Wednesday morning! Great group and energy!

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