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CrossFit Cape Cod Wednesday March 11th

March 10, 2015


CrossFit Cape Cod WOD


On The Minute 8 Minutes

 Clean Complex

1 High Hang

1 From The Knee

1 Power Clean

Rest 2:00

On The Minute For 8 Minutes

Snatch Complex

1 High Hang

1 From The Knees

1 Power Snatch


Not For Time:

100 Back Extensions

100 Weighted Sit Ups

Partition Any Way You’d Like, You Pick The Weight

Advanced Training

7:00 Recovery Row Flip The Monitor Up And Just Go Smoothly Before:

Comprehensive Mobility for 30 minutes or more.

Mental Fitness

“Appreciate The Struggle”

What happens when you give your best and you feel like that it’s still not enough?                   

You lift the heaviest weight that you can, but it is not as much as others have lifted. You improve your score, but not as much as others have improved theirs. It is an extremely tough feeling knowing that you finished your workout, gave it absolutely everything you had, and you’re still left with the nagging sensation: I should have done better… I should have done more.

How do you handle this? How do you stay satisfied with the fact that you improved in some way and that you are now fitter than you were before, but you still feel like you are always chasing everyone else?

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  1. mase Reply

    Congratulations to Erin McGee and Rich for their new addition, Matthew Brian McGee! Baby is healthy and everyone is doing well.

    • Liz Reply

      yay, he’s here!!! Congratulations Erin and Rich!

  2. Andrea Meagher Reply

    80# clean
    55# snatch
    Thank you Amy!!
    Congrats Erin and Rich!!! Can’t wait to meet baby McGee:))((

  3. Amy Squeglia Reply

    Big fun 5:30am class and nice small private 6:30 class. If you’re looking for more attention and less intimidation the 6:30am is a great time to come! And I like giving my early morning peeps a little extra attention with mobility so you may find yourself doing some new and different stretches and drills.

  4. Kevin Medeiros Reply

    A: 175# / 135#
    B: Complete with 1 pd KB

    • Kevin Medeiros Reply

      Congratulations to the McGees.

  5. pauls Reply

    85#c/55#s 100/100
    Felt really tired after several hours of roof raking yesterday, so kept the weights reasonable. Now I know why people who do that charge so much. Great workout though.

  6. Sarah Lee Reply

    Congrats Erin and Rich! Baby Matthew will be very loved:)

  7. Erin Meagher Reply

    105 cleans
    75 snatch
    So happy for the McGees!!!

  8. Kelly Cook Reply

    Congrats Erin and Rich! So happy and excited for you!!

  9. Mase Reply

    125 cleans pr from the hang/knee position
    75 snatch
    B. Complete
    Ran 1mile pre wod then 1 mile cool down

  10. Liz Reply

    A) 85#/55#. Did 95# on the 2 min break but didn’t complete all 3.
    B) done with blue KB
    C) 1 mile recovery jog with Amanda, Jamin, Mason and Allan

  11. Allan Reply

    A. 205#/155#
    B. Done. 1.5 pood
    C. Jogged instead of Row. Sorry Mark I try to always stick with programing. But it was so nice out!!! Mobility after feeling loose!!

  12. Heidi Lacava Reply

    Worked up to 105# on cleans
    65# on snatch 1 at 75, but couldn’t get under for all 3…ugh

  13. Mark Reply

    Worked to 225 on the cleans. 145 on the snatches.

  14. Andy Mathieson Reply

    A. 185#
    B. 115#
    My shoulders need a rest desperately.

  15. Christin Marshall Reply

    A. 80, 55
    B. Complete, yellow kb

  16. Ann workman Reply

    Congratulations Erin and Rich. Welcome Matthew. I look forward to meeting him at the box.

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