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CrossFit Cape Cod Wednesday August 5th

August 05, 2015

cldmasebunsI Think A Caption Contest Is In Order; 3-2-1 Go! Winner Gets One Of Our New Tees Scheduled To Arrive On The 11th!

CrossFit Cape Cod WOD

AMRAP 20 Minutes

5 Burpees

1 Rope Climb

30 Double Unders


5 Rounds

10 Strict HSPUs

20 GHD Sit Ups

Tonight at 5:30 In The Front Space, Abs and Mobility With Amy S! Proceeds Go To Dave and Karen Souza!

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  1. Amanda D. Reply

    Nice bum, where you from?!

    • Erin Lewis Reply


    • Jamen Reply

      “See no kids, no need to worry about double unders!”

      • Meghan Reply

        That was totally Al!

  2. Kevin Medeiros Reply

    Most definitely not the WOD we did at 5:30 am lol.

    Amy special: 20:08

  3. Erin Meagher Reply

    Amy special: 22: something
    “Mase, have you been sitting in a pile of sugar?? Cuz you’ve got a pretty sweet a**!!!”
    Haaaa!!!! :)))

  4. Robb Sykes Reply

    Once again Christy fails miserably to take a bad photo!

  5. Christin Marshall Reply

    Laughing gas?

  6. Allan Fleck Reply

    16 +4 rx great Chasing Tyler, Jamin and Josh!!
    AT. Done

  7. Allan Fleck Reply

    crossfit – “It’s not creepy, I’m just making sure she has good form!”

  8. Christina Sotiros Reply

    Ass, cash or gas. Nobody CrossFit’s for free.

  9. Lori Neviackas Reply

    7 rounds, mixed doubles and singles (mostly singles).

  10. Justin Neviackas Reply

    21:30 ish on the Amy special but I added 10 Burpees/round and did the red kb on the last round. And came back for the AMRAP 17 rounds even.

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