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CrossFit Cape Cod Tuesday March 24th

March 23, 2015


CrossFit Cape Cod WOD



Thrusters 95/65

Pull Ups

rest 5:00


Thrusters 95/65

Pull Ups

rest 5:00


Thrusters 95/65

Pull Ups



Ring Rows

Toes To Bar

Not For Time:

Lower To The Bottom Of Each Movement on a 3 second slow count.

Advanced Training

3 x 10 Push Press

60 Pistols

Upcoming Events:

Thursday at 6:30pm Another Fun Class With Amy Squeglia, More Mobility and Stretching This Time With A Surprise Twist: Come Find Out!

Friday Night We Are Doing Open WOD 15.5

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  1. Jamin Reply

    Hey 5:30 AM class. I will be late. I did not hear my alarm. Call me at 978-866-9551 and I can give you the key box code

  2. Erin Meagher Reply

    Didn’t sleep well last night! That was HARD. But in a good way:)
    Ran out of time for part B- thanks Jamin!

  3. Sarah S Reply

    23:40 65# front squats, ring rows…45# bent over rows, sit ups.

  4. Christopher Judkins Reply

    Everyone please prank call Jamin today.

  5. jonathan miles Reply

    21:09 rx

  6. Allan Fleck Reply

    A. 16:17 @115#
    B. Done. TTB slow was the worst..
    C. Up too 165#x12 pistols felt good!! Praying for them in 15.5

    • Jon miles Reply

      Holy crap

  7. Caroline Reply

    21:55 Rx
    Worked up to 95# for the last set of push presses.

  8. Mase Reply

    23:35 rx
    Pistols felt good, hoping in its 15.5 as well!!
    Good work everyone who did the bar work out of bands! It was hard to do but remember the end goal of gaining more and more strength to get out of the bands. It will be soooo worth it when you’re stringing those pull ups and c2b’s!!

  9. Kelly Cook Reply

    I don’t remember my time. I think it was approximately 2 hours. That was an emotional roller coaster. Thanks for pushing me Mason. I was ready to walk out, haha.

  10. Josh Reply

    18:26 Rx
    Completed ring rows and ties to bar

  11. Mark Reply

    Love how much energy theres been at classes! Fun but tough WOD!
    17 or 18 something? Allan was finishing his last reps when I was starting my last set, at least he only used 20 more lbs.! LOL
    Did the rest and made it to 165 x 10 on the push press, scaled the pistols but for Al and Masons sake I hope they are in the open:)

  12. Christina Sotiros Reply

    Longest WOD I can remember in a while. I think I may actually still be at the box right now. Might be done by the time the 5:30am class begins. Today was rough.

  13. Jennifer Reply

    You know it was a tough WOD when the highlight was drinking someone else’s water. Yeah…that happened.

  14. Kevin Reply

    24;45 rx

  15. Tunay Reply

    31:14 40# Rx with my pull ups today, first time w/o the bands for the full wod. Thanks Traci and everyone for pushing at the end that was helpful 🙂

  16. Liz Reply

    28:57. First round I used 50#, then u dropped to 45# for the second 2 rounds. Red & purple bands for pull ups. Seriously felt like the longest WOD ever.

    • Liz Reply

      then I* dropped

  17. Traci Bushy Reply

    Tunay!!!! You killed it today! Great job sticking with those pull-ups!
    Nice job today everyone! That was a rough one for sure!

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