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CrossFit Cape Cod Tuesday June 2nd

June 01, 2015


 Caption Contest Anyone? How about a free “summer classic” tee or tank for the winner?

CrossFit Cape Cod WOD


Front Squat

3 Sets Of 5 @ 70% Of Your 1 Rep Max


For Time

25 Cal Row

21 Deadlifts 245/165

25 Cal Row

15 Deadlifts 245/165

25 Cal. Row

9 Deadlifts 245/165

Do Not Exceed  70% Of your 1 Rep Max For The Deadlifts. Scale Appropriately.

Advanced Training


10 Rounds Working To A 1 Rep Max

3 Position Snatch

High Hang, Mid Hang, From The Floor.*

*These are not touch and go reps, but they are all squat snatches. (Or Split If Limited) I recommend linking the high hang and hang together, but resetting on the 3rd rep from the floor.


On The Minute For 10 Minutes

Odd: Max Unbroken Strict HSPUS

Even: 1 Legless Rope Climb

Abs and Mobility With Amy S. Tonight at 6:30pm!

Sign Up Here For The 5k Color Run On Saturday June 13th! Proceeds Are Going To Building A 10 Station Fit Trail For The Students And Community! They Re Also Looking For Volunteers To Help With Registration and To “Color” People On The Course! Let Me Know If You Would Like To Volunteer Instead Of Run But Still Be Part Of The Action!

June 14th The Injury Prevention Seminar With Dr. Sean Rockett is a 20$ Donation, All Proceeds Go To The Cranberry Farm On Behalf Of Sean and Julia Braney. See The Facebook Post and Back Story Here

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  1. Mark Reply

    There will not be a 7:30am Barbell Class. Sorry For The Short Notice.

  2. Kevin Medeiros Reply

    “I’m a pretty ballerina…”

  3. Erin Lewis Reply

    “And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.”

  4. Liz Reply

    “I’m flying, Mase look, I’m flying!!”

  5. Sam Miles Reply

    Mark- Alright, let’s start the 3:30 ballet class!

  6. Justin Neviackas Reply

    Advanced training:
    Kettle bell Swing
    Prancercize in meters


    • Sarah S Reply


    • Liz Reply

      who wants to start a fund to get Jamin some ankle weights?! lol oh man

      • Allan Reply

        or something to prevent pit stains on all his t shirts.
        Love the prancercize!!

    • Justin Neviackas Reply

      I think we should all pitch in to get Jamin a pair of those sweet white tights.

      • Meghan Reply

        I’ll put $10 down!

  7. Erin Meagher Reply

    Haaa! Prancersize! 🙂 hysterical
    Nothing in the tank as they say today folks! 105, 10:32 @155
    Still asleep two hours later!

  8. Chris Tufts Reply

    I think I did 155 for a and then 9:55 with 205 for b, and Kanin makes such a nice pretty pretty princess! Haha,
    Once again christy with the amazing ability to capture the moment!

  9. Sarah Lee Reply

    105 across.
    11:42 RX.

  10. pauls Reply

    10:04 @ 155#

  11. Allan Reply

    “I’m So So So So Happy for my buddy Bruce Jenner!”

  12. Meghan Reply

    For those of you not on fb. “Cause I’m freeeee… Free balling”

  13. Justin Neviackas Reply

    Did 215 on fronts. Something like 7:58 or 9:58 was too delirious to tell the difference. Had to take a kid watch break in the middle of the last row. Confused the advanced WOD so did 3 position snatch OTM at 115 and then the 10 EMOM but jus regular rope climbs. Don’t have the guts for legless yet.

  14. Tunay Reply

    I believe I can fly… I believe i can touch the sky!!!!! Lol

  15. Erin Lewis Reply

    A) 85#
    B) 11:16 @ 115#

  16. Mase Reply

    Mason, no more kettlebell swings, let’s dance and be free!

  17. Justin Neviackas Reply

    To be read in your best David Attenbourogh voice:

    “Here we see the Crossfitter, in their natural habitat exhibiting two different ways of exquisite pood control.”

  18. Amanda D. Reply

    Jamin – “Mase, I’m meeting my friends at the Barre tonight… care to join?!”

    Mase – “Quit flailing around and WOD with me!”

  19. Mase Reply

    Mase,” if you want muscular legs, you must dance like me!”

  20. Sarah S Reply

    11:47 135#
    Did the squat snatches up to 40#…such a tough lift! Ran out of time for rest…

  21. Tunay Reply

    A) 95#
    B) 10:13 95#

  22. Chris Massi Reply

    9:39 @225#

  23. Terry Reply

    A) 120# B) 10:28 RX
    AT snathces done with light wieight to work on getting under
    the Bar (tough movement)
    managed legless rope climbs 3/4 to the top (a first for me)

    • Erin meagher Reply

      Nice job terry!!

  24. Kevin Medeiros Reply

    A: 245# x 5 for 3 sets (Listen to Allan and it was a brutal 3 sets:-)
    B: 11:04 RX

  25. Meghan Reply

    B) 9:50ish at 135. First row only rowed 21cal by mistake. Made it up on second row. Good times.

  26. Dorene Goldstein Reply

    “Look Mase, I’m trying out for So You Think You Can Dance!”

  27. Allan Fleck Reply

    A. 255×5 for 3 sets
    B. 6:42 as Rx
    C. Worked to 195#
    D. 6/11/7/5/5, LLRC done.

  28. Heidi Lacava Reply

    A. 115#
    B. 9:53 RX

  29. Christy Lynch Reply

    “Somebody call my Mama!”

  30. Mark Reply

    Haha! Some funny Comments, the contest closes at noon tomorrow!
    FS 205
    Snatches 155
    HSPUs 8/5/5/5/3 All The Leggless
    WOD 8:29

  31. Christin Marshallt Reply

    They will mount up with wings like eagles, They will run and not get tired, They will wod and not become weary.

  32. Erin Lewis Reply

    Jamin floats like a butterfly; Mase stings like a bee

  33. Caroline Reply

    A) 105# front squat
    B) 9:56 rx
    AT) 115#. Went all the way up once, then just tried to get as high as I could on the rest. 2-3 push-ups each time.

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