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CrossFit Cape Cod Thursday May 14th

May 14, 2015


CrossFit Cape Cod WOD

Deck Of Cards Skill Work

Choose 4 Different Movements Or Skills

Assign Each Skill A Suit (Diamonds, Hearts, Clubs or Spades)

There Will Be A 25 Minute Clock

Flip A Card And Do The Number On The Card For The Movement The Suit Represents

For Example:


Clubs=Front Squats

Diamonds =Handstand Push Ups

Clubs=Pull Ups

Continue To Flip The Cards And Complete The Assigned Numbers For Each Movement One At A Time for 25 Minutes. If You Finish Before the 25 Minutes Note our Time and Movements.

Have You Invited Anyone To The Obstacle Wod This Saturday? 8am,9am,12:30 Heats go!

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  1. Meghan Reply

    That was fun!!

  2. Tunay Reply

    30 cards- OH squats 43, TTB 48, Push up 52, Box jump 62
    Fun wod!!

  3. Ann workman Reply

    I’ve invited my coworker for 9 am. Yeah. Can’t wait.

  4. Mark Lee Reply

    Had around 15 cards left
    Did HSPU
    Chest To Bar
    GHD Sit Ups
    Not fun but fun!

  5. Allan Fleck Reply

    46 cards done 30″ box jumps, 30#WB, CTB, Ring dips
    A lot of fun and I really really suck at dips!!!!

  6. Kelly Cook Reply

    32 burpees, 68 pull ups/ring rows (started with kipping pull ups, but tore my hand after 31, so did the rest as ring rows), 42 double unders, 54 OHS @65#–196 total reps. This was a fun WOD!

  7. Chris Massi Reply

    29 cards done. Dips, C2B, pistols, 100m row sprints.
    As Mark said NOT fun but fun!

  8. Christin Marshall Reply

    The stars aligned for a WOD of thrusters….fun workout

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