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CrossFit Cape Cod Thursday August 20th

August 19, 2015


CrossFit Cape Cod WOD

10 Rounds

:30 Seconds Burpees

:30 Seconds Rest

:30 Seconds Double Unders

:30 Seconds Rest


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  1. pauls Reply

    80 b/ 97 du

  2. Mark Reply

    Did this on the roof of the Hospital:) Glad I brought my jump rope! Really miss everyone back at C3! Great job to the runners and have a great comp to the people doing Hyannis this Saturday!
    PS This was my 3rd WOD 1 in Oklahoma on a playground, loosened up in the morning before I rode west with 50 pull ups, push ups and squats. Then went to invictus in San Diego and did front squats, jerks, and cleans. Then a bunch of accessory stuff. Today my body almost feels normal from sitting on the motorcycle for 7 days!

  3. Kristin P Reply

    Nice Mark! Glad to hear you’re enjoying yourself. We miss you:)
    76 burpees 233 double unders done in my yard while being feasted on by a million ruthless Mosquitos!

  4. Erin Lewis Reply

    72 burpees
    554 singles

  5. Tyler Reply

    122/520 Rx. Much needed cardio after eating icecream two times a day for a week!

  6. Christy Lynch Reply

    Mark’s a BADASS!!

  7. Christina Sotiros Reply

    81 burpees, 234 doubles and a sweat fest with Kevin M for the 6:30 class.

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