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CrossFit Cape Cod, Thursday 4/10/14

April 10, 2014
Mike M.

CrossFit Cape Cod

Workout Of The Day

18 Minute Clock

Row 2000m
Followed By AMRAP With The Remaining Time
10 Toes To Bar
10 Burpees

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  1. Erin Gretzinger Reply

    8:57 row
    3 + 10 rd
    Fun 6am class!

  2. Paul S Reply

    9:00 row
    5 rounds: subbed GHD sit ups for KTB

  3. sarah lee Reply

    3 plus 5. I felt like I was bear crawling through molasses this morning but it was great to get it done early!

  4. Sarah Sprague Reply

    9:30 row
    3 plus 2…way too go Amy S on stringing those t2b’s together!

  5. Andy Mathieson Reply

    7:27 row
    4 + 9 Rx

  6. Nettie Reply

    8:45 row and 3 plus 1. My abs are still sore from the GHD!!!

  7. Christopher Tufts Reply

    Somewhere around 8 for the row, then did 2.5 rounds… eating before WOD is not so good for me. And at the time I wasn’t planning on going to the morning WOD…

  8. Liz Ouellette Reply

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Liz Ouellette Reply

    9:11 row…I came down at least a full minute from the last 2000m row!

    3 rounds, + 18. Soooo close to 4 full rounds! (knees to chest… still don’t have TTB..)

  10. Chris Massi Reply

    7:44 row then 4 + 3

  11. Kevin Medeiros Reply

    8:57 row 4 + 1 (about half toes to bar. The rest were knees to elbows.). Sore all day from yesterday’s track meet.

  12. kerri Reply

    10 or 11 something row. 3 rounds rx

  13. Ann Reply

    9:40 for the row. 4 rnds + 2. Mason tortured us with sit ups in the warm up. You are not alone with sore abs Nettie!!

    • mason Reply

      Hahaa sorry Ann… Forgot about those the other day!

  14. Kevin McGinnis Reply

    Feeling great after 6:30 WOD – thanks for the coaching Mason!

  15. Nettie Reply

    Great video. Interesting that he keeps his feet together through the whole burpee

  16. Erin Meagher Reply

    Took today! Nice work everyone! I am SO sore from my slow as molasses sprints yesterday!

  17. KristinP Reply

    9:06 for the row and 3 rounds even. I’m with ya Nettie on the sore abs!! Definitely a fun 6am:)

  18. Shannah Jaburek Reply

    9:11 for the row then 4 rnds + 4

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