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CrossFit Cape Cod, Thursday 3/20/14

March 20, 2014
Andrea about to conquer a fear!

For Time
1,000m Row
Followed Immediately By
5 Rounds Of 
15 Kettlebell Swings 1.5/1
30 Double Unders

Score 1 is the “checkpoint” after the Row, Score 2 is the Total Time from the start of the Row, to the last Double Under.
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  1. Erin Gretzinger Reply

    Score #1. 4:11 row
    Score #2. 19:? Rx
    Enjoyed this one, great way to wake up this morning!

  2. Mark Lee Reply

    Good job on those Dubs Erin G.

  3. Shannah Jaburek Reply

    Score #1: 4:38
    Score #2: 18:26?…all DUs but only 18# kb, still nursing a hurt back 🙁

  4. Liz Ouellette Reply

    Score 1: 4:49
    Score 2: 15:12- I did single unders.
    I started with an 18# kb and Sarah brought me a 26#. I did 50/50 ish with each.
    Fun wake up WOD!

  5. Christopher Tufts Reply

    GO Andrea!

    Fun WOD I think I did a little under 4 minutes on the row and 16 on the total WOD, I did 1 pood and stayed about a minute on each round of jumprope. Managed a few doubles each round…

  6. sarah lee Reply

    4:06 row, 12:50 total RX. We are going to see a few do this sub 10 today. I unfortunately stood there gasping for air after the row for WAY too long.

  7. Jen Heinlein Reply

    Happy first day of spring! Score 1: 4:13 and Score 2: 16:17 Rx

  8. HaleyDawn Reply

    great wod!
    score 1-437
    score 2- 14:00
    i used a blue kb and kinda fudged the dubs but it definitely kicked my butt!

  9. Nettie Reply

    At the 3:30, Mark let us choose run or row – I ran 800 – 4:40 (sssllllooooowww) and finished the WOD 11:41.

  10. Kelly Cook Reply

    3:51 row, 13:37 Rx, doubles are still a bit inconsistent, but happy to get them all today!

  11. Mark Lee Reply

    Open announcement live tonight at 8pm on the crossfit games website or on the crossfit youtube channel!

  12. Nettie Reply

    Chris Massi, I have to apologize to you for my post yesterday – I read your post quickly and thought it was Mason. Congrats on your 70# PR!!!! That’s incredible!!!

  13. jonathan miles Reply

    3:44 on the run, 9:58 finish

  14. mason Reply

    4:10 on the run 10:33 rx
    Nice work everyone today. It was a great day to run!

  15. Erin Meagher Reply

    Great job everyone! Didn’t make it in today! Patiently awaiting the 14.4 announcement:)
    Go Dre!!!:)

  16. Kevin Medeiros Reply

    4:11 on the run 15:12 (I cannot jump rope – it’s a sad truth.)

    On a side note when I started back in the second week of January, I set a personal goal to be down to 215 by April 1st (started around 245ish) without going the crazy diet route. No one likes me when I’m dieting – just ask my wife. Well I’m ahead of schedule and I and I’m hovering at 215 on 3/20. I have to say I haven’t enjoyed busting my butt so much since I stopped playing Rugby 15 years ago. What a great group of coaches and fellow CrossFitters. You people make it a lot of fun and are incredibly supportive. I haven’t felt this good in a long time. Thanks.

    My main goal is to run the Road Race this year without dying. A lot of work left before that happens. End of sappy share.

  17. jonathan miles Reply

    very cool post Kevin. Keep up the good work

  18. Joshua Rice Reply

    A Chipper… And brutal one!!!

  19. Ann Reply

    Chose to run since I’m now officially going to run 5 miles on may18th. 4:00 for the run. The second part was a disaster for me just when I had started to really get strings of DUs. Enuf said. Tomorrow’s another day.

  20. Andy Mathieson Reply

    3:35 for the row
    14:17 Rx

    First doubles since December!!! Feeling great! 🙂

  21. sarah lee Reply

    Awesome Kevin! Keep up the good work!

    Glad you are feeling better Andy!

  22. Ann Reply

    Kevin it was nice to meet you today and get out there running. Welcome to the crossfit community.

  23. Christy Lynch Reply

    Way to go Kevin and Andy!

  24. Christy Lynch Reply

    Way to go Kevin and Andy!

  25. Terry obrien Reply

    4:06 row 16:38 RX I did alot of singles as well but I was able to get every DU : )

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