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CrossFit Cape Cod Sunday and Monday

June 01, 2014
CrossFit Cape Cod
Workout Of The Day
10 Rounds for Time
Run 200m
1 Rope Climb
Finish With Either 3 x 30 GHD Sit Ups Or 3 x 50 Ab Mat Sit Ups
Nutrition Challenge Re-Test
At 0:00

A. Time Trial:

 Row 1000m immediately followed by Run 800m as fast as you can. Score the total time.

At 12:00
B. “Triple Threat”

 2:00 Max Pull Ups

Rest 2:00

2:00 Max Box Jumps 24/20

Rest 2:00

2:00 Max Burpees

Score the 3 movements separately.

At 30:00

C. Run 800m then immediately row 1000m Score the total Time. (If you did A. with the run first, this time row first.)

To get as accurate a result as possible really push for your best scores on A,B and C.
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  1. Erin Gretzinger Reply

    19:44 rx

  2. Kelly Cook Reply

    19:46 Rx for 9 rounds, but only made it halfway up the rope on the tenth round. My goal was to make it up the rope four times. I was very happy to surpass that goal. It was a great crew this morning, and you all made me push myself harder. Nice job everyone!

  3. sarah lee Reply

    14:51 RX. Great job everyone!

  4. Erin Gretzinger Reply

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  5. Erin Gretzinger Reply

    Monday (5/5/14)
    A. 8:29 (8:30)
    1. 15 r/p. (13 blue)
    2. 44 24″ step up. (26 rx)
    3. 31 (32)
    C. 8:22. (8:32)

    Overall improvement:) I’m happy with that

  6. Mark Lee Reply

    Nice PRs Erin!

  7. sarah lee Reply

    7:57, 20, 38, 29, 8:18.

    I went way down on my pull-ups but I think it’s from all the rope climbs yesterday. My forearms and grip are shot.

  8. Kevin Medeiros Reply

    6/2 retest
    Row 1000/Run 800 8:28 (8:58 on 5/6)
    Pull ups 29 r/g (21 on 5/6)
    Box 33 (32 on 5/6)
    Burpees 24 (26 on 5/6)
    Run 800/Row 1000 8:47 (8:56 on 5/6)

    PR’s on everything except burpees. Fighting some crazy head congestion/allergies and I felt like I was going to pass out every time I did a burpee, so I’m happy only being off by 2 from last time.

  9. Terry obrien Reply

    8:20 22 strict red band(hands are split from C2B last week) 40, 31 8:36
    First time doing this WOD, it was exhausting

  10. Christopher Tufts Reply

    Killed it this morning!


    I think I shaved a minute off each run/row and added about 11 reps in total, a lot in the pull-ups. I am feeling really good, even though (I really haven’t been doing so well with the nutrition challenge, life really got in the way the past few weeks…) but I really am starting to feel like I am progressing when I look at things over a month or two months occasionally.

  11. Christopher Tufts Reply

    R/B bands on the pull-ups (same as last time) I have been using a R/P during workouts when pull-ups come up

  12. Heidi Lacava Reply

    Row/run 7:54
    Pull up 15 purple band
    Box jumps 37
    Burpees. 26
    Run/row. 7:55

  13. Nettie Reply

    8:30, 21, 29, 23, 8:40 Pullups with the red band

  14. Kelly Cook Reply

    8:25, 23 (red), 36, 25, 8:39. I did about the same as last time, but it felt harder today for some reason!

  15. kerri Reply

    1. 9:25 22 pull ups green band 31 box jumps 20″ 26 burpees 9:47

    2. 9:35 28 pull ups r/b 32 box jumps 20″ 28 burpees 9:52

    Very odd… slower on the runs and rows but the reps are higher… hm

  16. HaleyDawn Reply

    9:42 18/30/22 10:17

    About the same across the board. I do t feel as strong working out in the evening bit it definitely felt good!

  17. HaleyDawn Reply

    9:42 18/30/22 10:17

    About the same across the board. I do t feel as strong working out in the evening bit it definitely felt good!

  18. kerri Reply

    I think I left my Ipod there. please keep an eye out for it.

  19. Mark Lee Reply

    Impressive Pr’s guys! Keep up the great work Chris Tufts!

    6:48 (7:07 Last Time)
    46 Pull Ups (42 Last Time)
    38 Box Jumps (Tied Last Time)
    33 Burpees (32 Last Time)
    7:19 (7:26 Last Time)

  20. Christopher Judkins Reply

    A) 7:05 (:24 sec faster)
    B) PU’s- 33 (+3 from last time)
    Box Jumps- 59 (+7)
    Burpees- 33 (same)
    C) 7:28 (:04 sec faster)

    Great class tonight, a few new faces and tons of pr’s!

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