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CrossFit Cape Cod Saturday May 30th

May 29, 2015


CrossFit Cape Cod WOD


On The Minute For 10 Minutes

Clean x 2


3 Rounds For Time

35 Wall Balls 20/14

25 Box Jump Overs

15 Chest To Bar Pull Ups

Advanced Training

On The Minute For 12 Minutes

Odd: 14 x GHD Sit Ups

Even: 14 x Pistols (Weighted If You Are Good At Pistols)

Rest 3:00

On The Minute For 12 Minutes

Odd: 14x Back Extensions (Slow Down and Do Smooth Controlled Reps)

Even: 5 x Strict Pull Ups, Lower Down With Full Control, No Dropping From The Top.

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  1. Sarah Lee Reply

    Looking good Jana!!!

    22:01 RX. 10 foot target. I only almost passed out twice from the heat.

  2. Justin Neviackas Reply

    Tried what I could at home. Ditto on the heat thong. The AT almost made me pass out.

    • Justin Neviackas Reply

      That should be heat THING

  3. Caroline Reply

    A) worked up to 125#
    B) 15:40 Rx – 16# WB to 10′ target, 24″ box

  4. Erin Meagher Reply

    95, 110, 115
    18:32 I believe- rx
    Did half of AT then quit:)
    Fun working out with Mase, Allan and Jamin- thanks for letting me join in with you elite athletes:)))

  5. Mase Reply

    Great work today everyone!!
    20:57 rx 16# 10′ 24″ box
    Clean 95, 115 worked power and squat
    AT complete
    Good times Erin! Thanks for the elite reference but far away from that! Allan and jamin can take that title!

  6. Mark Lee Reply

    Try loosening your thong if it’s makes you feel like passing out. @Justin LOL
    13:46 that was tough.
    Did front squat 290
    Press 170
    7 rounds of GHDs and HSPUs
    Not sure if it was RX or not because my thong was normal temperature.

    • Justin Neviackas Reply

      If I don’t wear a thong it bunches in the heat.

  7. Erin Lewis Reply

    successfully completed box jumpovers…that ankle is healing!!

  8. Allan Fleck Reply

    A. 185-245#
    B. 11:01
    AT done.

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