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CrossFit Cape Cod, Saturday and Sunday

April 26, 2014
The Premier CrossFit Facility Of Cape Cod
CrossFit Cape Cod
Workout Of The Day
1 Rep Max Back Squat

Followed By
4 Rounds For Time
7 Back Squats 50% 1RM
Run 1 Mile 
Row 2000m
Run 1 Mile 

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  1. Shannah Jaburek Reply

    A.) 145# (25# PR)
    B.) 1:55 @ 75#

  2. mason Reply

    NIce work Shannah!
    9:00 getting after it today…incorporating either 7 burpees or 7 box jumps with the back squat. Nice job. Challenge to the 12:30 crew. Get it!

  3. Andy Mathieson Reply

    205# back squat
    3:40 with 115# and did 7 burpees each round

    Building my strength back up with “bad” knee. Everything is going well. Feeling very happy.

  4. Liz Ouellette Reply

    a) 120# – by far the most I’ve ever attempted.. does that make it a PR? lol
    b) 1:44 @ 60#

    loved the warm up Mason!

    • sarah lee Reply

      Absolutely! It’s your personal record!

    • Liz Ouellette Reply

      Woohoo! Congrats on the team WOD!

  5. Allan Fleck Reply

    315# BS
    165# with burpies 2:30

  6. Mark Lee Reply

    Animals!!! Way to get after it everyone and congrats on the PRs! Sarah and I did a team WOD at granite state CrossFit in Manchester 4:00 at each station Power Cleans 135/75, Box Jumps 24/20, Row Cal., Burpees. 311 Total.

  7. R.K.O Reply

    Anyone taking part in this years no limit triathlon (June, July, sept)? Looking for teammates.
    Need to put the crossfit workouts into use and test myself. Who’s with me?

  8. Kelly Cook Reply

    175# back squat
    3:57 at 85# with box jumps

  9. Ann Reply

    115# 4:09 with 55# and box jumps.

  10. KristinP Reply

    155# which is the closest I’ve gotten to my PR (160 I think) in almost 2 years. Thanks for the tip Mase!!! 4 minutes even with 80# and burpees. I hate max lifts but I’m glad I pushed myself to show up:)

  11. Jen Heinlein Reply

    AHHHH I missed back squat day 🙁

  12. Mark Lee Reply

    I feel the same way Jen:( We are normal CrossFitters:)

  13. Allan Fleck Reply

    20:02 jerry. Good times! the mist felt great Running.

  14. Allan Fleck Reply

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. Nettie Reply

    Jerry at home – 22:07. Great running weather!

  16. Nettie Reply

    Silly me – not 22:07 (that would have been nice!) I did it in 29:07

  17. Chris Massi Reply

    21:51 Jerry. Needed a good running day!

  18. Andy Mathieson Reply

    26:22 Jerry
    Running is getting stronger every day. First mile was great. Second mile my leg started to cramp up.

  19. Terry obrien Reply

    23:57 Jerry Great running weather

  20. Liz Ouellette Reply

    26:48 Jerry. My first mile actually surprised me.
    Perfect weather for running (for me!)

  21. kerri Reply

    Yesterday my 1 rep max 125# 4:32 65# and box jumps
    Today ran 3 miles on the treadmill 34:50

  22. Ann Reply

    23:57 Terry and I ran the last mile together. Such a fun one for me.

  23. Mark Lee Reply

    Nice work, wish I could have been at C3 for Jerry this morning (such a great WOD) ended up going for a 30 min trail run after driving back from NH. See everyone in the morning!

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